Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Blog, New Summer

I have given in to the Tumblr, folks.
You can now view my inspirations and random finds via http://sarahjulson.tumblr.com

For now this blog will remain a place to document my life in journal form.

And as for a recap for the past couple of weeks, I'll try to keep it short and sweet.

Finals were finals. I wrote 39 pages of research and stories in two weeks. I produced a stop motion animation. I wrote the music for said stop motion. I built a website. I created an Actionscript application. Shwew, glad that's over with.

After school was out I napped. I napped A LOT. We're talking sleeping for 11 hours, waking up for 3, napping for 4 hours, and then going back to bed for another 11. I was tired.

And then I hung out with everyone for one last time before I left for KC! I went to the zoo with Gina and Danielle. I had girls' night with Fowler, Z, Alyssa, and Michelle. I hung out with the boys at Ethan's and played Mario Party. And I finished Star Wars and made and Ewok with Carl.

Friday night and Saturday were dedicated to moving my third story apartment into a storage unit and our little minivan. The move down was easier than the move up, but I was still over it after the fifth trip up the stairs. In the midst of things I don't think I gave Fowler/the apartment a proper goodbye, but I foresee that as a good thing; that I don't care about ends because I know they're not really ending. I'll be back in three months! No biggy!

And since I've been home, I've washed three loads of laundry, watched 4 movies, and hung out with Laura and Jena--singing songs and playing Super Mario Bros. on Wii.

This is going to be a great summer.

Friday, May 07, 2010


My Final Stop Motion Animation
MCAD Spring 2010

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Semester End

The semester is almost over and, yes,
it's hard work as usual. Less sleep, less fun,
more awesome work.
I'm almost done with my animation,
and it's moments like these that keep me laughing: