Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Whilst Completing My GD Homework...

I was looking for an image of pine needles for a texture background
in my process book when I fell upon this beauty.

Yes, it is made out of le needles.

Also whilst in the Business Office:
"So I wanna go 5 inches in..."

That's what she said.

And then....

"This is going to fit like a glove."

Monday, April 27, 2009

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Word of the Day

Today I fancy




oh yes.


These are a bunch of photos from the past few weeks.
I realized I didn't take hardly any during Spring Break,
but I just like to think I was too busy having
fun to whip out my beast of a camera. :)

As usual, I see faces in everything.
During the 2 billion miles I traveled in this van,
I saw too many faces to count.

A kind of blurry photo of mi familia + Mike
at my sister's WayD recognition.

I finally got my new bike and we put
it into good use after Break.

We rode our bikes to Lake Calhoun for
a picnic and some rock skipping.
It was a gorgeous day!

A week passed and my sister and Nathan returned to
MCAD to join me in a little Death Cab Concert,
and then we'd head out to Ohio for the
Advanced Class Special.

They always close with 'Transatlanticism',
making the words "so come on" last forever.
It's beautiful.

We left the city around 6:30 am with a
perfect goodbye to Minneapolis.

At one rest stop the bathrooms glowed green
for no good reason. Unfortunately the intardnet
dulls the colors down a bit, but I think you get the idea.

The Special was phenomenal. I always love seeing old
friends and making new ones. We stayed in a Triplex
and we knew everyone on both sides, so we just kept
the doors open between the three houses and partied
all the time. We had three guitars and there was always
music in the house. 'Twas some beautiful fellowshipping.

This is my new friend Bethany who I've been waiting to
meet for probably 3 years now. She currently lives in
North Carolina and someday we may possibly live together.
When I brought out my guitar she asked if I knew Trolleywood
and, frankly, that's all I needed to know we'd be friends for
a good long time. She's the shiiiiiit!

One night a ton of the youth went over to one of the
hotels in St. Mary's for a mondo jam session and chat time.
Here I met Paul, on the left, and we sang 'Falling Slowly'
along with Bethany. It was SUCH a delight. Also seen is DP
on my right, Bethany's boyfriend and fellow artist. He's a doll!

And here is Sam (and my sister...). I love him so much!
He lives in Alabama and I met him two years ago at our
Advanced Class. He's a genius on the piano and musically
wonderful in general. He has a great heart and I wish he
lived closer so we could jam together allllll the time.

The Oeding girls! I've known them since I was about 6.
We lived in Indiana together. Currently they're in Colorado,
though. Their sister, Elizabeth, was WayD with my sister.
We gossip and giggle and enjoy each other's company so much!

Eventually the class ended and it many sad goodbyes came
to pass. Domini and I sped off towards MCAD to get me
back to class on time. We stopped in Gurnee, Illinois to
pick up our new family member, Leif and he came up to
MCAD for a day. We watched Wayne's World and visited
the MIA and ate a nasty meal at Little T's. They left and then
Earth Day was over. I was so elated at that point, though.

It's slowly fading.
Oh finals....


Today Travis used the words 'quintessential' and 'cadence'.
Good job, Trav.

My word of the day:

Had my RA interview, did not make it.

What could have been a hopeless night turned into a pleasing one.

It sounded like someone dropped a thousand piano keys for a long period of time outside and now sirens are on the scene. I have no idea what to expect.

I like chatting online. I think it's because of these reasons:
  1. I like typing/writing in general.
  2. I can articulate my thoughts more easily.
  3. People generally open up more easily, which I know many well-balanced people frown upon greatly, but sometimes that's just how it goes for us shyer folks.
  4. It's just relaxing and I can zone out whenever I feel like it.
Something that has also come to my attention recently is the fact that I am labeled 'social', something I never would have described myself as. And when I analyze that -- it has become such a reality that it blows my mind. I used to be so antisocial in big groups of people. I used to cower in a corner and wait for the night to end. I used to go home and cry to my mom about how much I hated the way I was and how jealous of my sister I would be. But now it's like I THRIVE in a big group of people. I always want someone around and I love getting to know people. Well -- I've always liked getting to know people, but strictly on a one-on-one basis.

I suppose the only thing I really miss is having that really, almost unnaturally genuine heart-to-heart connection with someone. Then again, I feel like in high school we would always just play with the idea of having huge issues and "needing" to talk it out. I liked sitting in the parking lot and chatting about life. I liked sleeping outside and roasting marshmallows in our rusty fire pit. Will that change this time around coming home? Will I be past all that? I'm kind of scared to be. I'm kind of scared to be so far away from everyone else at home. That they just "won't understand" or that I can't get on their level anymore. But then I think, "Sarah -- you always worry about this stuff and you always fall back into place." But what if I don't want to fall back into place? What if I want to try to move out and away from all that familiar stuff. It's like I was so hurt at the beginning of the year that I didn't want to let go, and now that I have -- I want to push it away.

That seems to be a reoccurring theme in my life -- once I get over something I want it GONE. G-O-N-E. I do it with people a lot. I know I do. I'm really trying to confront myself with it, but all at the same time I debate with the idea of Growing Up. We all change so much, but will we ever stop changing? Will life be a continuous recycling of friends and people?

I throw a lot of hypothetical, I-won't-worry-about-this-whatsoever-after-I-type-this questions out there. So don't feel the need to respond. I just get super reflective at night. I wonder if falling asleep is this stressful for anyone else....

Other things on the mind:
Soft Sculpture -- what the hell am I doing? And I need a ride for materials....
Process Book -- my ideas are bigger than my skills/materials at hand.
Research Presentation -- I think I'm just bringing my guitar and singing songs.
Theme for Media -- mleh. Not important yet.
I need to buy that book for Art History.
I need to give my 3D teacher $10. Woops.
The Media Center says I lost the mounting plate on their tripod.
Meg? Do you have it?

I'm going to bed.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Am I becoming my father?

Sometimes when I wake up to my alarm I totally freak out. I can't remember which day it is or why I set an alarm, and I have to check my phone immediately to figure things out. Often times I'll just set an alarm so that I don't waste my morning away -- those are the days I really freak out.

Many of you have probably heard this story, but I'll tell it again:

One time, I think over winter break this year, I was staying in a hotel with my parents. Now, obviously my college sleep schedule is a little different than theirs, so I was trying to waste away the waking hours with my computer. I didn't have my headphones handy, so I went into the bathroom to watch some more LOST. After a solid two or three episodes, I started yawning and figured I could force myself into a deep sleep, so I turned off the bathroom light and began to walk into the other room.

You know how when you come out of a very bright area and walk into a very dark area your eyes don't adjust immediately? Well this was no time for that...As I'm walking out of the bathroom, trying to be quiet, I hear my dad wake up very quickly. Then I took another step and I start hearing some very fast shuffling towards me and gasping noises. I started freaking out and literally SCREAMED in fright! As the shuffling neared me I backed into the corner of the hotel room and tried opening my computer to get some light in the room.

It was just my dad! He was freaking out just like I did! So I just shouted, "DAD! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" And my mom woke up and she's just like, "Doug! What the heck is going on?!"

As my dad has gotten older, it seems like he always wakes up extra alert. I just remember, for the only time in my life, being legitimately scared that night. After we figured out there wasn't a burglar or mass murderer in the room, we all tucked ourselves back into bed.

And there I laid, wide-eyed with a pounding heartbeat. More awake than ever before.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Short Flash Animation

I could've done better, but I spent my time with better people.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

You know --

The longer I wait to update this, the more I have to say, and the more I don't want to spend all that valuable time writing it. Thus, a list will do for now.
  1. I finally wrote my Research Paper and it only took me a solid two hours.
  2. I got new strings on my guitar, forcing me into finger-plucking delight.
  3. I love visitors and traveling, especially with Believers.
  4. I have an RA interview on Friday at noon. Cross your fingers! (Even though it'll be sad not to be your roomies, Poop and Feist!)
  5. I enjoy the act of typing and writing. Language is amazing.
  6. My pursuit of combining music and art is becoming more of a reality every day.
  7. My tummy is making up for that Sunday night I asked it to be quiet.
  8. I love my bike and want to ride it pronto.
  9. I don't want to work in the morning.
  10. I need to do laundry, so sorry if I smell....
  11. Pretending Mondays don't count, I only have 9 days of school left.
  12. I love talking music and being passionate about things in general.
  13. I have had many many firsts this year. Yay for experiential 2009!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Death Cab Wednesdays

Many, many more photos to come.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Semi-Exciting Pre-Class To-Night

So Gage and I were the first ones in there and we decided to not turn the lights on. Then we made a bet to see how many people would come in before someone turned the lights on. I said 5, he said 4.

But we agreed if anyone -- Carl would be the first one to turn on the lights.

So in come the people, 1, 2, 3 (Gage is out)
then everyone was in besides the teacher.

Lights still off,
Lydia walks in all, "What's going on?"

She reaches for the lights and everyone just starts shouting NO! YES! NO!! YES!!! NO!!!

Then Carl gets up and he's reaching for the switch (unaware of our wager) and we're all just yelling and yelling and yelling and THEN

Carl flips them on.

So typical, Carl.

Lazy Monday

I like the word 'quintessential'.

I might be a Fine Arts Studio Major.
I might be an Illustrator.
I might go into Animation.
I might just fall off the face of the Earth!

The possibilities are endless.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Lowdown (Finally!)

Theory: When we get old we have kids so we can play outside forever and never lose any of our street cred as adults.

Also -- I have the Michael Scott disease; I want children so I have someone to love and need me. My friend and I have agreed upon this conclusion.

Friday: Left Media class to get on my first flight to be ridden without any company. I obviously didn't know what I was doing at first, but I got through with many questions. Had I not asked the Security Guard where my gate was in Chicago's O'Hare airport, I would've never gotten there. They had some beautiful sights though! My flight was unfortunately delayed for an hour and a half because someone ran into the plane and put a hole in it. Buh.... Thankfully the ride to Indianapolis was a quick one! I met up with my parents and we drove to Ohio the next morning.

Saturday: Wedding! (Refer to previous blog entry) 'Twas my first and it was a grand day.

Sunday: Sunday Teaching Service! (Refer to previous blog entry)

Monday: Drove all the way home to Blue Springs, Missouri. The weather was beautiful and I was so happy to be there. My parents did some grocery shopping and I went to hang out with (go figure) Erin. It was splendid. I miss her everyday. We did the usual things -- chatted and drove around. I love driving, but after this spring break -- I was totally stoked to not have a car at school.

I think I just hung out with my mommy all day. Then we went to celebrate my birthday with the Millers (Nathan's family). We ate at P.F. Chang's on the plaza. Mm mm mm! That was some delicious Chinese. I could eat it every day of my life (Asian food, that is)! Afterward we played the game of Things and had ourselves a hysterical time. I love our families. :)

Wednesday: Erin got to skip school so she had slept over the night previous. We pretty much just slept in the same vicinity, ate in the same vicinity, and just chilled in the same vicinity. The thing that's great about our friendship is that we can totally enjoy doing absolutely nothing together (as is similar in most solid friendships), and yet it can mean the world to us. Later that night I had Communion with over in Kansas with another Fellowship, which was refreshing. Then I met up with Frances and Erin, again, at Clancy's and we enjoyed some 50 cent tacos. Then I was taking Erin home when Hanna called, so we went to her house and chummed it up. Full day!

Thursday: It rained the ENTIRE day and I was out taking Hanna's Senior Photos. We found a few good inside venues like the Nelson-Atkins museum, Union Station, Crown Center, etc. But they would've been so much better outside. Sigh. Later that night Erin's family came over for pizza and games and that went TOO splendidly. Our parents have never been together for a longer period of time than to say hello and exchange some small talks, so Erin and I were a bit nervous, anticipating and awkward evening. I shouldn't have doubted my parents' hospitality, though. They clicked with Erin's parents almost better than I've seen them get along with any other adults and it was kind of scary. We played Catch Phrase -- Parents vs Children and it was a tough game! One time Helen (Erin's mom) shouted the clue, "TASTES LIKE CHICKEN," and my mom goes, "FROG LEGS!" And she was right! Erin and I just looked at one another thinking, "Oh my god...really?!" It was a solid, solid evening. :)

Friday: Drive, drive, drive. We drove to Gurnee, Illinois to visit my sister. On the way we picked up Mike Brown (her boyfriend) and it was nice to have someone in the back seat with me again. It's lonely being the only kid on a road trip! We got there and Domini snuck up on us at the hotel. It was a great reunion, as usual. We then headed to her place where the WayDs hosted a pizza and game night. (I just realized that's two game/pizza nights in a row!) It was a blast meeting new people and hanging out with old friends. I met Leif, whom my sister believes to be the same person as me only in boy form, and truthfully -- we are very similar in the oddest ways. It was pretty funny. Then to the hotel we went, where the parents' snores could've awoken the dead.

Saturday: Recognition Day. The WayDs would fulfill their commitment (technically) on Sunday, but the ministry in that area held a Recognition Service on Saturday. We had a teaching, some musical performances, some sharings from the Way Disciples, and then a delicious dinner. Afterward my sister, Elizabeth and I found a guitar and started singing songs for everyone. It was hard to get us started at first, but people insisted, so we gave in. If my sister and I ever lived remotely near one another again, we'd be making music constantly. I kind of REALLY wish we did live near one another. I love my sister so much.

Sunday: Fellowship/Way Graduation. The WayDs finally graduated after a phone hook-up with Headquarters. What did we do to celebrate? We went drinking of course! Haha They weren't allowed to drink all throughout their commitment, so naturally they were a bit thirsty. We went to a little restaurant nearby and everyone ordered a different alcoholic beverage and then the girls just went around and tried everyone else's. Haha it was hilarious. I didn't drink anything, of course; that stuff is disgusting! I tried to try something, but it just didn't go down. Haha Then we headed back to Domini's place and all the parents went home. They drank a little more and we played Uno and then went to sleep.

Monday: We drove to Minneapolis. I got a desk. I got a bike. I said goodbye to my parents. Then life caught up.

This week was hectic, but the weather has been so beautiful. I went on a bike ride on Thursday to Lake Calhoun with Z, K, and Fowler. We had a picnic and took photos near the water. Friday I went on a bike ride with Charlotte and we got ice cream. Then Meg arrived and we had a 1918 Photoshoot in the Gray Studio. Then we ate at the Bad Waitress. Then we slept.

Today we went to various locations for more 1918 promotional photos from 10-5. I'm pooped! And now I'm going to lay on the lawn. :)

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


One of those will be mine tomorrow.

Also -- today marks the third anniversary of the first BS06 Scavenger Hunt.
That was a GREAT day, my friends.