Saturday, April 25, 2009


These are a bunch of photos from the past few weeks.
I realized I didn't take hardly any during Spring Break,
but I just like to think I was too busy having
fun to whip out my beast of a camera. :)

As usual, I see faces in everything.
During the 2 billion miles I traveled in this van,
I saw too many faces to count.

A kind of blurry photo of mi familia + Mike
at my sister's WayD recognition.

I finally got my new bike and we put
it into good use after Break.

We rode our bikes to Lake Calhoun for
a picnic and some rock skipping.
It was a gorgeous day!

A week passed and my sister and Nathan returned to
MCAD to join me in a little Death Cab Concert,
and then we'd head out to Ohio for the
Advanced Class Special.

They always close with 'Transatlanticism',
making the words "so come on" last forever.
It's beautiful.

We left the city around 6:30 am with a
perfect goodbye to Minneapolis.

At one rest stop the bathrooms glowed green
for no good reason. Unfortunately the intardnet
dulls the colors down a bit, but I think you get the idea.

The Special was phenomenal. I always love seeing old
friends and making new ones. We stayed in a Triplex
and we knew everyone on both sides, so we just kept
the doors open between the three houses and partied
all the time. We had three guitars and there was always
music in the house. 'Twas some beautiful fellowshipping.

This is my new friend Bethany who I've been waiting to
meet for probably 3 years now. She currently lives in
North Carolina and someday we may possibly live together.
When I brought out my guitar she asked if I knew Trolleywood
and, frankly, that's all I needed to know we'd be friends for
a good long time. She's the shiiiiiit!

One night a ton of the youth went over to one of the
hotels in St. Mary's for a mondo jam session and chat time.
Here I met Paul, on the left, and we sang 'Falling Slowly'
along with Bethany. It was SUCH a delight. Also seen is DP
on my right, Bethany's boyfriend and fellow artist. He's a doll!

And here is Sam (and my sister...). I love him so much!
He lives in Alabama and I met him two years ago at our
Advanced Class. He's a genius on the piano and musically
wonderful in general. He has a great heart and I wish he
lived closer so we could jam together allllll the time.

The Oeding girls! I've known them since I was about 6.
We lived in Indiana together. Currently they're in Colorado,
though. Their sister, Elizabeth, was WayD with my sister.
We gossip and giggle and enjoy each other's company so much!

Eventually the class ended and it many sad goodbyes came
to pass. Domini and I sped off towards MCAD to get me
back to class on time. We stopped in Gurnee, Illinois to
pick up our new family member, Leif and he came up to
MCAD for a day. We watched Wayne's World and visited
the MIA and ate a nasty meal at Little T's. They left and then
Earth Day was over. I was so elated at that point, though.

It's slowly fading.
Oh finals....

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Marissa Lundin said...

These are great! It was great to meet Domini, I'm glad your parents decided to reproduce!