Sunday, March 29, 2009


Today we had the Sunday Teaching Service at the Way Ministry Headquarters. WHAT. A. BLAST. They had their concert, which I wasn't expecting! And it was off the heezy! I wanted to stand up and clap my hands over my head a few times. And Scott on his trombone?! SHWEW. That's some sweet shit. Makes me REALLY want to pick mine up more often this summer. And Vince's teaching was also a thrill. I had no idea he was teaching today so that was another added bonus. :)

I think I just have to make a list of the people I saw because it was SO thrilling.

  1. Vince, Brenda, Nate, and Ross McFadden
    I saw Vince & Brenda at Camp Gunnison in Colorado this summer. I knew them from the two years we lived in Indiana. I was about 6-7, and I hadn't seen their boys since then. They've since gone in the military, won purple hearts, and had a baby girl, etc. Mind blowing!
  2. The Gailhouses
    I also knew them from Indiana and haven't seen them since. I played with their girls, Alesha and Chelsea. We joked about Chelsea cause she got lice a lot when we were there and my mom was the hairstylist so she always had to shave her head. So sad! But then Alesha and I found out that we both adore Lost and totally had a geeky conversation about that. I think we'll be keeping in touch more now. :) And apparently Chelsea loves Sailor Moon and might go into art, so I'm really excited for her too! She's a sophomore in high school right now. I'll have to see what I can do to influence her....
  3. Audrey DeLisle
    Met her on Facebook through our ministry and finally met her for the first time. Things were a little unchatty, but I mean...sometimes that's just how it goes.
  4. The Uhlicks
    Also knew them from Indiana. Their daughter Megan is a year? younger than I. Anyway, it was great seeing them.
  5. The Sewells
    ALWAYS hilarious when they're around. Met them in Indiana. Their daughter JackieRaye is three years younger than I am. I didn't get to say hello to her today, but I did see her from across the room. Woo....haha.
  6. Jason Jarret
    I love him so much! Met him two years ago at my Advanced Class in Ohio. He works as Security at HQ. Loves poker and movies. REALLY sweet guy. It's always a blast talking with him.
  7. AJ Kelling
    Ah -- I love the Kellings. His brother Sam is a year younger than I, and we met at the Advanced Class last summer too. His family stayed in the apartment above us and it's been history since then! They live in Alabama. AJ is working at HQ and is (recently!) in the choir. It was so surprising seeing him up there on stage today. Sam is a mad musician whom I adore. They're all such a loving, hospitable family. I wish we lived next door to one another. :)
  8. Lindsey Lindner
    Met her last year when we visited Ohio for a college visit. She's a Singing Lady of the Way with a gorgeous voice and a loving heart. She was also at the wedding yesterday and it was a great blessing to meet up with her again.
  9. The Ludwigs
    They just keep popping up everywhere! I first met them when we visited my sister when she lived in Tucson, Arizona a couple of years ago. I remember playing Zombies!!! with Jim and that was a total blast. I think that's when I first recognized my evergrowing love for zombies... And Shannon is adorable. They're now at HQ. Sweet couple.
  10. The Stiles!
    They're another family we've known forever. Since my birth at least! Matt and Linda have theirs sons Jonathan and Sam, each a year older than my sister and I. Jonathan was there and I haven't seen him in YEARS. Seriously probably 11 or more years. I have pictures of all of us (including Nathan and his fam) playing with worms and camping or grilling out. We were such outdoorsy folks! I love that!
I saw so many more people...I can't even think.
Kari and Greg are already off on their Honeymoon. I'm so happy for those two. It'll be weird calling her Kari Bates now! But now I have a "big brother", so that's a-okay with me!

When we got back from all that fellowshipping, we packed up and then napped, napped, napped. I watched an adorable Audrey Hepburn/Humphrey Bogart movie too. I wish I knew what it was called! It was a typical steal-the-girl-from-the-not-so-hot-boyfriend movie, but I love that story. :) Then we went out to eat at one of the few restaurants open "late" in this town. We were the only people there too. Then we came back and the parents fell asleep and here I am now. I have a feeling this will be a trend this Spring Break.

My parents tend to toot a lot in their sleep.
These are the things I don't look forward to -- being old.

Congratulations Big Sister!

It's currently 12:09 AM Ohio time. My parents are viciously snoring in the bed next to me and I'm usually not sleeping for another 3-4 hours. It's been thunderstorming all night since we got back from the wedding and I have enjoyed it aaaall too much. The power even went out for a bit, but that was just exciting. Everyone else seems to be getting snow right now and I'm just so thankful for this change of weather! It's March for God's sake! Almost April! Psht.

But the WEDDING. Oh my goodness. So wonderful. The ceremony itself was intimate and lovely. I got a little teary-eyed when the pianist played "In the Garden"; that song seems to be played at every significant point of my year so far, and I doubt it's done being played. But yeah! Kari and Greg are finally man and wife. :)

The reception was gorgeous and I got to see some old and some sort of new familiar faces. We had a delicious catered dinner and wedding cake. We danced to Beyonce. I saw my parents dance together for probably the first time in my life and it was so endearing. I danced with my daddy, which felt like it should've been my wedding.... And I caught Kari's boquet! That was a total shocker for me. I always thought Domini would be getting married first. Hahaha It was a gorgeous arrangement of white roses that smelled ethereal. And then we showered the newlyweds with bubbles and rang bells as they left the venue. It was too cute.

For those who don't know -- I've known Kari since I was born. She babysat me and was my inherited "big sister". She's about 40 now, and it's about TIME she got married. She's smart and hilarious and a real catch, and I think Greg must've been something really special to have finally caught her attention indefinitely. Sigh. I'll say it again: I love Love.

Tomorrow we're going to the afternoon service at our ministry's Headquarters here in Ohio. Then we'll be going home on Monday. It's such a thrill to not have to think about homework, though I occasionally do; it's a disease. I can't wait to see my Missourians. I'm pretty sure I have too many plans, but that's okay.

Then next weekend I'll be visiting my sister in Illinois as she graduates from the Way Disciple program. Her commitment and strength pushing through it is astounding. Especially for her...I guess you'd just have to know her to really understand my thoughts on it. It's not that I ever doubted her ability, it's more like I was at a discomfort every moment she was in distress. Hum. It's hard to explain.

The weekend after that, Meg will be visiting MCAD. She is a fine individual whom I'm hoping everyone will love. I'm assuming she'll be very busy visiting her brother and doing her photoshoot for 1918Vintage, but any amount of time she's here is more than enough for me. :)

The weekend after THAT, I'm returning to Ohio for a class special our ministry offers, and I'm SO excited for that. I'll get to see all the friends I made two years ago at my first Advanced Class. Oh what a joy, what a joy. I think I'll almost literally see every person I know in this one month period. That -- or I'll have at least come in contact with them somehow, via internet or phone.

Oh March/April, how you dote on me.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

It has been getting so beautiful out lately! Too bad it had
to snow again. Thankfully Spring Break is practically here,
though I hear it's like 40 at home too. Anyway, here are
some pictures I took a while ago around the city when
Charlotte and I took a walk on a beautiful day.

I love finding faces in things. Like this one coffee lid I found.
It smiles at you while you drink! But I digress -- Nathan came
to visit this last weekend! It was a blast. We went shopping;
I bought a bicycle and he bought a hookah. We had a giant
cookout. We visited his relatives. And we just had fun!

Nathan by his Aunt and Uncle's place.

My new Bicycle! I still haven't given it a name.
It creaks and squeaks and I adore it.

He bought be the MCAD water bottle as part of
my birthday present
because I've been wanting
one for so damn long. You wouldn't think
it's that
great of a birthday present, but I've been eying
babies for a while!

Oh! When we were going to get cookout goods -- I
down the hill outside the triplets and got soaked.
It was
hilarious and embarrassing! So funnaay.

Also in Sarah's News:
My 3D crit went better than I thought and these stupid little
bananas have begun to grow on me (no pun intended). Now
I just have to find a solid place to put them. Thank god I
ousted the 5-foot banana idea....

And yesterday was my birthday! Tuesday and Sharlot took
me out for some birthday pie at Denny's where we ran into
some funny characters. We were there til 3 in the morning and
by that point I was very thankful I took off time from work
the next morning! So my birthday was filled with lots of last
minute homework completion and class. People sang happy
birthday in many languages including: English (of course),
Spanish, German, Polish, French, Sign Language, and Farsi.
My mommy had a cake delivered to my door too! What a lovely
lady. And Marissa made me the wonderful masterpiece below,
with unlimited use even!

And below is my 'Bears' poster for GD.
I was mega stoked to make it hangable
for my room. And so it hangs -- majestically.

My wall of art is getting full! I don't know what I'm going
do when I have to take it down. I'd make a scrapbook, but
it seems like some pieces are too big and grand for a small
scrapbook! Either way, it always makes me happy to view.

Oh and today I got a letter from Janessa in the mail! I
flipped it over and saw the HP emblem and just started
laughing to myself out of excitement. I love that Janessa.
She sure knows what makes me happy. It was such beautiful
stationary! I can't wait to hang out with her over break!

I'm going to make a sweet pencil bag soon. I've been meaning
to and I finally got the fixings to make one! So beautiful it
shall be. Other future plans include flying to Indianapolis
tomorrow to meet up with my parents where which we will
driving to Ohio for Kari and Greg's wedding. Then we shall
drive home (in the new van, might I add!) and I will party
heartily with my friends and family. Weekend after that we'll
drive to Gurnee, Illinois to visit my sister and celebrate her
accomplishments as a WayD. I can't wait to see her and the
girls! OH. More recent plans -- Beef Night with the ladies.
We'll be cooking steak and chicken and veggies and noodles
and watch the Office and just have a grand old time before I
leave tomorrow night! Man oh man. Thursdays are great.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ecuadorian Bananas

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Ecuadorian Bananas

As a freshman taking Foundations classes at MCAD, I have learned to look at art in new ways. For instance, there is a purpose behind every consideration in a piece and there are many techniques to achieve that same outcome. In Drawing I students learned many ways to view and represent still lives, my favorite being planar analysis. This technique forces students to look at the structural essence of the forms at hand. Rather than using curves, the form is described using major planes. Students are told to look through the objects, through the outer shells and coverings, to find the inner framework. This technique is useful because it helps the drawer analyze and organize light shapes in the still life. Being in Foundations classes, this has overall helped me immensely with the way I view objects and light.

Monday, March 23, 2009

What a lovely day for rain!

I never realized how much the weather effected my state-of-mind until I came to MCAD. The winter was so gloomy and dull, but now that Spring is popping up, I am bubbling over with happiness on a near daily basis. It could be too, that many good things have happened and will happen with the coming days.
  1. Nathan came.
  2. My birthday is in two days.
  3. Spring break starts in four days.
  4. After Spring Break, Meg will be visiting.
  5. Then the next weekend I'll be going to Ohio to see so many lovelies.
And after all that, we'll only have three/four weeks of school left. So basically -- finals! I can't wait. This was such a good semester. First semester sucked BALLS compared to this one. Geez!

Currently listening to: All Alright by Sigur Rós.

Friday, March 20, 2009

My First (Real) Film

This is a documentary made for our Media 2 class. It was such a blast watching everyone's reactions to it today. It made all the hard work definitely worth it. It makes me want to consider going into film even. I've talked about this with my mommy and friends a lot before. If I went into film, I could include music. My music. That would be so great. I know there are other ways to combine art and music (currently the subject of my research paper!) but film is so much fun. I like the interaction with people and the fact that you have a definite final product.

Let me know what you think!
I'm having a great day.
Woke up to Trolleywood and I turned up the stereo and cleaned my little heart out! I scrubbed the bathroom, swept through the kitchen, and disinfected every square inch of my bedroom. Sort of. Haha. But Nathan is coming tonight! And we have some good plans for the weekend. The good month has begun, folks! Oh and housing situations are falling into place, as I knew they would. I almost DON'T want to be an RA just because I've gotten excited about living with Marissa and Sara. But obviously the financial aid is dire! We'll see!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I've been thinking a lot.
About important things.
About unimportant things.
About things seemingly important.
In context, what is really important?
I guess all this stuff is unimportant when I think about it that way.

I would talk about the things I'm thinking about, but sometimes the things you think shouldn't be talked about. Not so openly on the internet anyhow. This is turning into a huge circle.

Maybe I don't want to blog anymore....

Monday, March 16, 2009

What An Emotional-Rollercoaster-Of-A-Post!

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), also known as winter depression or winter blues, is a mood disorder in which people who have normal mental health throughout most of the year experience depressive symptoms in the winter repeatedly, year after year. They may sleep too much, have little energy, and crave sweets and starchy foods. They may also feel depressed. Though symptoms can be severe, they usually clear up.

Peter was talking about his current observations of Seasonal Depression in his own life. I was thinking about it and -- ever since the weather has been warming up, I have been considerably happier, have wanted to work on homework more, have slept better and less, and have been managing my time well. I've always been very skeptical as to these "disorders" and "diseases"; so many people claim they have these depressions, but I've always viewed them as a sort of excuse for our lifestyles in the modern world. However, if I were to compare my current symptoms to those of a person with Seasonal Disorder, I could conclusive say they fit to a T (where did that saying come from, anyhow?). That or just some major PMSing....hahaha. But who's to say we all haven't felt this "cabin fever" up North? Also this year has been a year of change, and must be taken into consideration when analyzing my moods.

But yes! I have been so happy these past few days what with picnics and cleaning and coffee shopping. I enjoy my studies and have been very thankful. Sidetrack! Speaking of thankfulness, it seems that whenever I have more money, I am less frivolous to spend it and lean more towards hoarding it. Then, when I get down to the dimes and nickels, I can't seem to stop myself! 'Tis a learning experience.

Good news!
Tonight Nathan called to announce of his coming! He is one of my best friends whom I've known since birth, and I can't wait to introduce him to everyone at MCAD. We share so many thoughts, beliefs, and memories together and I love him. We used to chase my sister around the house with worms and we'd stick them in her shoes so that when she put them on she'd step on them. Suckerrrr. Not much has changed. We all still pick on one another and lay on top of one another in our "puppy piles". Now we're all moving about the country and getting some miles under our feet. It's kind of sad, but more exciting when we get to see one another. And I'll see him three separate times in the next three weeks! Let the exciting month begin!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend Review #331

I've been playing with Levels in Photoshop today. I wanted to try for some colorized effects. I never realized how much of a role colors can be in aging a piece! The photo on the left was taken last semester, when we sad outside on the sunny days. 'Tis no longer just a memory!

Today we had a picnic on the lawn! Granted it was on a picnic table...and we had to move said table out of a puddle... But it was a blast! Then I randomly went up to help out with Dylan's film and ended up being a trumpet playing. So much for being an extra! Hahaha It was fun. Marissa kept making me smile, and I'm pretty sure I looked like a goof amongst they boys.

I also filmed some more for our SB Mockumentary, which will continue tonight. That's turning out to be really great. I'm excited for the final product! It's almost turning into more of a straight documentary, but all the employees are MOCKING Tyler. I don't know. It's hard to classify. It's all pretty real. No one is really acting; they're all so goofy on their own! I love it. And I've gotten to meet some more great people from MCAD as well as what not to do in the SB. Haha It's 12x18!!!! !!!

I went to the library and got wicked nerdy with all this music business. I got some books on Synesthesia and music in relation to the visual arts. I also got a fuckton (pardon my French, but I really needed that sentence enhancer!) of CDs including Classical giants such as Bach, Beethoven, and Tchaikovsky, as well as a few compilations of Classical Jazz artists like Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Benny Goodman, and Count Basie. I love all that stuff. And it's free! BAM. Now I just have to write that proposal....

Review of Yesterday:
Filming, filming, filming. Solid.
The Bad Waitress with Charlotte and Hannah.
Electric Fetus with Karen, Sara, and Charlotte -- no Death Cab tickets purchased.
My mommy bought my sister and I two tickets back home.
A whole bunch of kids came and we all comfortably found rides to Brunswick for two free games of laser tag and bumper cars. Totally boss! I really needed to just RUN around a laugh a lot. Recess Club is always good for that. Afterward we ate at Culver's and then headed home.
Pi Daaaay!
I went over to Jenny's for some pie and good conversation. I can always count on Jenny for a solid chat. To tell you the truth I knew I wouldn't want to dance as long as everyone else, so I kind of took my time at her place. I only have so many moves!
Around 1 I walked to the boys' place and danced my little booty off til about 2:30 in the morning. They have such a great house! If I move off campus I want a place like theirs or Jenny's, which may be a possibility! I'm still in between moving off campus, rooming with Marissa on campus, or being an RA. My first priority is obviously finance, so I'm going to apply to be an RA for sure. Either way, I think I'll be happier with my living situation next year.

Yes, every day can be happier!

Tonight = Girls' night. What about Ethan?! Haha
Tomorrow = Proposal, Filming/Editing, Art History Review Class

Friday, March 13, 2009

Why so tired?

I really enjoyed Piotr Szyhalski's Theater of Operations installation. I couldn't get the beats out of my head, so I emailed him to ask for a copy of the one track I enjoyed, and he sent it to me! You can listen below:

I've been in an unfortunate testy mood lately. Sorry for any repercussions it may have. Don't take it personal. I think it's time for a Spring Break, eh?!

I'll be leaving in exactly two weeks.


New High Score

Finally made it into the MCAD Flickr! Hahaha

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I found these old pictures of me. I think I want to grow my hair out again. Of course...that was a good hair day. A bad hair day was like looking at a wild lion's mane. Also -- I need some more light jackets. I miss that one.

It's so odd; I remember that day very well. It was kind of windy and a little chilly. We had just gotten out of a branch meeting and my sister and I were taking pictures for the fun of it. Nathan and I went running and chased geese around while the dorks we are. The my sister took pictures of Nathan and I walking through this little clump of trees. I remember that I couldn't, for some reason, get the shot right....

Then we decided, as we so often did, to go to the lake and sit on our favorite, somewhat hidden, dock.Nathan tried fishing with a hook and line, using a pop can as the bobber. That obviously didn't work, so then he climbed the small cliffs behind the dock and threw rocks down into the water as my sister and I lounged on the dock. It was a typical Nathan/Domini/Sarah day. Rarely to be had ever again.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


These are the pages of my Zine made for Graphic Design. It's the first time I ever really drew anything in Illustrator, so that was fun. It's definitely a little different than anything I would've made by hand or even in Photoshop. I'm pleased for the most part, but mostly I'm just happy to get through this project alive! I was really excited for it at first, but -- I guess I just ran into some roadblocks, and it didn't turn out how I imagined. Nonetheless! It's done!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Multiple Blog Points

First Food For Thought:

I'd like to take a moment and consider bears and anorexia. What's the difference? Bears eat all this food and then don't eat for months! They turn out all skinny and weak. Anorexics -- they also don't eat for months and become all skinny and weak. You. tell. me.

Charlotte would like me to let you know that she does not agree.

I'm okay with that.


Second Comparison:

Feist and Ben Gibbard
in reference to their "Train Song".

Miss Leslie, also known as Marissa Lundin, sings with much more of an inflection. She almost has a jazzy feel to her vocals along with her accented, grooving melodies. Benjamin has much more of a straight tone, which is perfect for his style of music, calm and flowing. Together they make a beautiful love-child of a song. You must listen! It's from the compilation album Dark Was the Night featuring many of my favorite artists including, but not limited to:

  • Andrew Bird
  • Arcade Fire
  • Beirut
  • Bon Iver
  • Cat Power
  • The Decemberists
  • Feist
  • Ben Gibbard
  • Iron & Wine
  • The New Pornographers
  • Conor Oberst
  • Spoon
  • Sufjan Stevens


Weekend Review!

Friday was a good day. Charlotte and I agreed upon that fact immediately upon awaking. The Previous night we had seen Watchmen, so I slept in until 12:30, only rising to go to Media at 2. After some a-okay demos on Final Cut we were released around 3 to enjoy the gorgeous day at hand. It was a lovely 42 degrees, and after a quick team meeting with our film group, Charlotte and I decided to pack up our cameras and go on a walk.

We strolled down to Lyndale, dodging the melty, muddy puddles on the way, and stopped in at this little used instruments shop called Encore Music. I love this place, and I want to visit it often when the weather is nice. They had a few beautiful Epiphones, which I'd really like to have someday. They play with such a warm, round tone. I can't take it! Mm mm MM!

Then we went to the gallery openings at the school. Lots o' free pizza. The Piotr Szychalski gallery was BOMB. I wish I could have that as a recording. I wonder if I could actually get that from him...I should email him.
I emailed him.

Then we went home and I tried to nap but I couldn't because OH! -- I forgot to mention I got to beatbox with the magical Eli again! I was so nervous! That was so many people! I turned bright red and got sweaty and shaky. I couldn't hardly breathe! But yeah. I couldn't sleep because I kept beatboxing while I was lying in the dark. I was so pumped at that point! So finally it came time to leave again.

We went to Kelly's, Tuesday's roomie, birthday party. We danced til 2 in the morning! What a blast. Fo realz. I can't wait to hang out with some of those peopel on a more regular basis. Then we came home and I watched more Heroes and crashed.

Woke up to go to the Mall o' America with le girls (Z, K, Flower, Ruth, Leslie Feist, and Sharlut, to be exact). What an overwhelming experience of fun! I got a blue flannel shirt, some Thinsulate glittens, and, as previously stated, Dark Was the Night. Solid, solid. We also saw some RAD steppers. Once Beyonce's "Diva" came on, it was all OVA. So good!

I went home with Z and K, and then Z and I went to do homework at Spyhouse. I had a delicious hot chocolate with a shot of hazelnut (thanks to my sister's advice!), and then I realized the internet wasn't too spectacular, refusing my usage of the Adobe programs, thus I couldn't work on any homework. After we finished our drinks, we continued our studies in the good ole College Center.

After a while I came home, had some dinner, then went to 301 for brownies, movies, and, most of all, friends. We watched Baxter and sang songs. Then Sharlut and I came home and decided to blog together.

So that's where we are now.
Guess you're pretty up-to-date.


Tomorrow's Plans are as follows:
  • Fellowship
  • Homework
  • Shopping
  • Carl's Party
  • Filming
  • More Party

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Moderation is a good word too.

Word of the day:
  • characterized by ardent emotion or intensity or brilliance
  • Especially when Mrs. Darcy speaks to Mr. Darcy.

Oddly, I came about this word whilst my readings on Daylight Savings. At 2 o'clock AM,this upcoming Sunday morning, we shall all Spring forward to 3 o'clock. The longer days are truly beginning, friends! Soon we will be lying on the lawn once again. :)

P.S. More to update on.
It's currently the perfect day back home,
And will be the perfect night:

We learned about Emily Dickinson in my Life in Art class this week. I was thinking about her, and I feel like I can kind of relate. You see -- Miss Dickinson was a very seclusive person. Most of her friends were kept through letter correspondence, and rarely did she have face-to-face interaction with people. For a good while, even, she never even left her room.

I know, I'm not that extreme. I leave my house and, sure, I spend lots of time with friends. Upon review, however, every single "best" friend I've had was won through textual correspondence -- through the internet mostly (nobody actively writes letters these days). Yeah, we spent LOTS of time together, but initially we really connected through words. I suppose, though, it's not very different for many people these days; we all tend to reveal our thoughts more accurately through well thought-out sentences and paragraphs.

I suppose I was just thinking about how far I've come. In my past I was so overcome with jealousy and an I-can't-do attitude (from trailing along with my sister) when it came to meeting people and being openly personable with everyone I came in contact with . I feel like now I can be myself at all times, and more often that not, people accept it fully.


I love the phrase "pneumatic device".

Tonight is one of those nights.

As I lay in my bed, lights out and mind lit, I hear the sounds of home. With the window open next to my ear, the faint roar of the freeway takes me back to the summer nights when I'd lie in the tent in my backyard reading C.S. Lewis books and welcoming midnight visitors through the back gate. We'd chat about life and living while the lotus buzzed, until the sun came up with its warm humidity, forcing us to retreat to the couches and air conditioning inside.

Then my mom would awake us with the aroma of french toast.
Those were the days.

And you know what I'm going to do this summer?

The exact same thing.

At one point I never wanted to leave my tent, so I brought it to school and set it up in the art room.

Monday, March 02, 2009

For Twosday

This made me think of you, Threesday.