Sunday, March 29, 2009

Congratulations Big Sister!

It's currently 12:09 AM Ohio time. My parents are viciously snoring in the bed next to me and I'm usually not sleeping for another 3-4 hours. It's been thunderstorming all night since we got back from the wedding and I have enjoyed it aaaall too much. The power even went out for a bit, but that was just exciting. Everyone else seems to be getting snow right now and I'm just so thankful for this change of weather! It's March for God's sake! Almost April! Psht.

But the WEDDING. Oh my goodness. So wonderful. The ceremony itself was intimate and lovely. I got a little teary-eyed when the pianist played "In the Garden"; that song seems to be played at every significant point of my year so far, and I doubt it's done being played. But yeah! Kari and Greg are finally man and wife. :)

The reception was gorgeous and I got to see some old and some sort of new familiar faces. We had a delicious catered dinner and wedding cake. We danced to Beyonce. I saw my parents dance together for probably the first time in my life and it was so endearing. I danced with my daddy, which felt like it should've been my wedding.... And I caught Kari's boquet! That was a total shocker for me. I always thought Domini would be getting married first. Hahaha It was a gorgeous arrangement of white roses that smelled ethereal. And then we showered the newlyweds with bubbles and rang bells as they left the venue. It was too cute.

For those who don't know -- I've known Kari since I was born. She babysat me and was my inherited "big sister". She's about 40 now, and it's about TIME she got married. She's smart and hilarious and a real catch, and I think Greg must've been something really special to have finally caught her attention indefinitely. Sigh. I'll say it again: I love Love.

Tomorrow we're going to the afternoon service at our ministry's Headquarters here in Ohio. Then we'll be going home on Monday. It's such a thrill to not have to think about homework, though I occasionally do; it's a disease. I can't wait to see my Missourians. I'm pretty sure I have too many plans, but that's okay.

Then next weekend I'll be visiting my sister in Illinois as she graduates from the Way Disciple program. Her commitment and strength pushing through it is astounding. Especially for her...I guess you'd just have to know her to really understand my thoughts on it. It's not that I ever doubted her ability, it's more like I was at a discomfort every moment she was in distress. Hum. It's hard to explain.

The weekend after that, Meg will be visiting MCAD. She is a fine individual whom I'm hoping everyone will love. I'm assuming she'll be very busy visiting her brother and doing her photoshoot for 1918Vintage, but any amount of time she's here is more than enough for me. :)

The weekend after THAT, I'm returning to Ohio for a class special our ministry offers, and I'm SO excited for that. I'll get to see all the friends I made two years ago at my first Advanced Class. Oh what a joy, what a joy. I think I'll almost literally see every person I know in this one month period. That -- or I'll have at least come in contact with them somehow, via internet or phone.

Oh March/April, how you dote on me.


charlotte ferguson said...

this reminded me of you.

"My manners, abominable at times, can be sweet. As I grew older I became a drunk. Why? Because I like ecstasy of the mind. I’m a wretch. But I love, love."

— Jack Kerouac

1918VINTAGE said...

yayyyyyyyy!!! I can't wait to come visit!