Sunday, March 29, 2009


Today we had the Sunday Teaching Service at the Way Ministry Headquarters. WHAT. A. BLAST. They had their concert, which I wasn't expecting! And it was off the heezy! I wanted to stand up and clap my hands over my head a few times. And Scott on his trombone?! SHWEW. That's some sweet shit. Makes me REALLY want to pick mine up more often this summer. And Vince's teaching was also a thrill. I had no idea he was teaching today so that was another added bonus. :)

I think I just have to make a list of the people I saw because it was SO thrilling.

  1. Vince, Brenda, Nate, and Ross McFadden
    I saw Vince & Brenda at Camp Gunnison in Colorado this summer. I knew them from the two years we lived in Indiana. I was about 6-7, and I hadn't seen their boys since then. They've since gone in the military, won purple hearts, and had a baby girl, etc. Mind blowing!
  2. The Gailhouses
    I also knew them from Indiana and haven't seen them since. I played with their girls, Alesha and Chelsea. We joked about Chelsea cause she got lice a lot when we were there and my mom was the hairstylist so she always had to shave her head. So sad! But then Alesha and I found out that we both adore Lost and totally had a geeky conversation about that. I think we'll be keeping in touch more now. :) And apparently Chelsea loves Sailor Moon and might go into art, so I'm really excited for her too! She's a sophomore in high school right now. I'll have to see what I can do to influence her....
  3. Audrey DeLisle
    Met her on Facebook through our ministry and finally met her for the first time. Things were a little unchatty, but I mean...sometimes that's just how it goes.
  4. The Uhlicks
    Also knew them from Indiana. Their daughter Megan is a year? younger than I. Anyway, it was great seeing them.
  5. The Sewells
    ALWAYS hilarious when they're around. Met them in Indiana. Their daughter JackieRaye is three years younger than I am. I didn't get to say hello to her today, but I did see her from across the room. Woo....haha.
  6. Jason Jarret
    I love him so much! Met him two years ago at my Advanced Class in Ohio. He works as Security at HQ. Loves poker and movies. REALLY sweet guy. It's always a blast talking with him.
  7. AJ Kelling
    Ah -- I love the Kellings. His brother Sam is a year younger than I, and we met at the Advanced Class last summer too. His family stayed in the apartment above us and it's been history since then! They live in Alabama. AJ is working at HQ and is (recently!) in the choir. It was so surprising seeing him up there on stage today. Sam is a mad musician whom I adore. They're all such a loving, hospitable family. I wish we lived next door to one another. :)
  8. Lindsey Lindner
    Met her last year when we visited Ohio for a college visit. She's a Singing Lady of the Way with a gorgeous voice and a loving heart. She was also at the wedding yesterday and it was a great blessing to meet up with her again.
  9. The Ludwigs
    They just keep popping up everywhere! I first met them when we visited my sister when she lived in Tucson, Arizona a couple of years ago. I remember playing Zombies!!! with Jim and that was a total blast. I think that's when I first recognized my evergrowing love for zombies... And Shannon is adorable. They're now at HQ. Sweet couple.
  10. The Stiles!
    They're another family we've known forever. Since my birth at least! Matt and Linda have theirs sons Jonathan and Sam, each a year older than my sister and I. Jonathan was there and I haven't seen him in YEARS. Seriously probably 11 or more years. I have pictures of all of us (including Nathan and his fam) playing with worms and camping or grilling out. We were such outdoorsy folks! I love that!
I saw so many more people...I can't even think.
Kari and Greg are already off on their Honeymoon. I'm so happy for those two. It'll be weird calling her Kari Bates now! But now I have a "big brother", so that's a-okay with me!

When we got back from all that fellowshipping, we packed up and then napped, napped, napped. I watched an adorable Audrey Hepburn/Humphrey Bogart movie too. I wish I knew what it was called! It was a typical steal-the-girl-from-the-not-so-hot-boyfriend movie, but I love that story. :) Then we went out to eat at one of the few restaurants open "late" in this town. We were the only people there too. Then we came back and the parents fell asleep and here I am now. I have a feeling this will be a trend this Spring Break.

My parents tend to toot a lot in their sleep.
These are the things I don't look forward to -- being old.


Marissa Lundin said...


'Sabrina' is the name of the flick if I recall my Bogie movies correctly! I have it if you want to watch it in the future!!

Sara said...

Marissa is right, I bet it's Sabrina...