Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Blog, New Summer

I have given in to the Tumblr, folks.
You can now view my inspirations and random finds via http://sarahjulson.tumblr.com

For now this blog will remain a place to document my life in journal form.

And as for a recap for the past couple of weeks, I'll try to keep it short and sweet.

Finals were finals. I wrote 39 pages of research and stories in two weeks. I produced a stop motion animation. I wrote the music for said stop motion. I built a website. I created an Actionscript application. Shwew, glad that's over with.

After school was out I napped. I napped A LOT. We're talking sleeping for 11 hours, waking up for 3, napping for 4 hours, and then going back to bed for another 11. I was tired.

And then I hung out with everyone for one last time before I left for KC! I went to the zoo with Gina and Danielle. I had girls' night with Fowler, Z, Alyssa, and Michelle. I hung out with the boys at Ethan's and played Mario Party. And I finished Star Wars and made and Ewok with Carl.

Friday night and Saturday were dedicated to moving my third story apartment into a storage unit and our little minivan. The move down was easier than the move up, but I was still over it after the fifth trip up the stairs. In the midst of things I don't think I gave Fowler/the apartment a proper goodbye, but I foresee that as a good thing; that I don't care about ends because I know they're not really ending. I'll be back in three months! No biggy!

And since I've been home, I've washed three loads of laundry, watched 4 movies, and hung out with Laura and Jena--singing songs and playing Super Mario Bros. on Wii.

This is going to be a great summer.

Friday, May 07, 2010


My Final Stop Motion Animation
MCAD Spring 2010

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Semester End

The semester is almost over and, yes,
it's hard work as usual. Less sleep, less fun,
more awesome work.
I'm almost done with my animation,
and it's moments like these that keep me laughing:

Monday, April 26, 2010

Seeing Jónsi

When I went to see Jónsi, I half-expected what I was going to experience. All I knew was that I would probably cry and that the entirety of the production was most likely something I wanted to do with my life someday.

I had no idea.

I can't imagine sitting anywhere but in the front row. The music engulfed me and ran through my veins like an electric current of vibrant creativity. The lingering of the bass shook my insides and took me to a place of unreality. As I sat watching the imagery interact with the set and react to the music, my jaw dropped, and I literally found myself laughing out of pure awe and enjoyment.

While watching these five performers, all these memories of my own music-making days flooded through my head. You would watch them, smiling and using their instruments as extensions of their own breath life. They were everything music should be: making something bigger than any one of them could have made by themselves.

The thing that struck me the most was that I didn't feel sad about it. Normally at a concert like this, a sense of jealousy would rage over me, and a dissatisfaction of my own choices to disregard music for art would tear me apart. But this performance showed me that the two really can collide into one massive orb of fantastical artistry. It inspired me, motivated me, and healed me.

If I could go back, I would have brought a sketch book.
It gave me so many ideas! And it was then that I knew my choice to be a Web and Multimedia major was the exact right choice. I want to do massive installations, using music and sound and interactive environments to encompass the visitor in my space. I want to recreate the feeling that I had last night. I want everyone to feel that.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jónsi Live Sinking Friendships

Tonight I experienced Jónsi.
I doubt I will ever experience something like that again.

Cockaboody & Shel Silverstein

For my History of Animation class we have to propose an animation by a famous animator(s) or studio that has adapted a piece of writing that exists as text only. I have chosen John and Faith Hubley to adapt Shel Silverstein's poem "We're out of paint, so..."

Let's paint a picture with our food.
For red we'll squeeze these cherries.
For purple let's splash grape juice on.
For blue we'll use blueberries.
For black just use some licorice.
For brown pour on some gravy.
For yellow you can dip your brush
In the egg yolk you just gave me.
We'll sign our names in applesauce
And title it "Our Luncheon,"
And hang it up for everyone
To stop...and see...and munch on.

Below is the Hubley's animation "Cockaboody", of which the adaptation is based.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Stop Motion In Progress

The Sailor

The Sea Monster

Loch Ness Facebook Page (Cut Paper)

2010 Schedule!

Afternoons off? Yes please!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Registration, Earth Day, Task Party

Things I did today:

1. Registered for classes!
I finally met Piotr Szyhalski (my advisor) and totally love the guy! After figuring out registration he offered to have me in during his office hours to review my work and see what I'm interested in, what I've done, etc. That really meant a lot to me; I really need some direction! AND he got Bernard to allow me to take Motion Graphics without all the pre-reqs, which I'll take another semester, but I'm so stoked about that!

Classes I'm enrolled in:
Virtual Environment (making video games!)
Advanced Web + Screen
Mobile Device Platform Development (making iPhone Apps!)
The Body Eclectic
Gender, Art, and Society
The Five Senses

2. Earth Day!
Shishkabobs, multiple games of four square, stilt-walkers, DJs, sunburns, typefaces, wonderful!

3. Made a morph animation.

4. Task party!
Oliver Herring hosted one of his famous Task parties in the MCAD College Center and I simply attended out of curiosity. And it was a total blast!

At said party I:
Danced wildly around the DJ
Slow motion fun
Started a revolution to play "Single Ladies"
Made a blue belt and giant biceps
Blew up
Made a 6 ft pillar out of trash
Marker war
Learned how to swing dance
Caught glitter herpes

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Town Called Panic

A hilarious French stop motion film.
Want to watch some extras in English?
Click here to watch 40 of them!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunny Spring, Karen's Visit, RA Awesomeness

The last few days have been so classically wonderful that I deemed them necessary to report.

Morning class, blah blah. In the afternoon Carl, Sara and I watched The Time Traveler's Wife and balled our eyes out. Afterward we met Charlotte outside to play four square. It was one of those Hey Arnold situations where all the neighborhood kids casually joined in and we just played, only the neighborhood kids were fellow MCADians. In that time I found out I received the RA position and we rejoiced with some Lychee frozen yogurt at Café Kem. Then we girls watched the boys skateboard in the parking lot until we got hungry and headed in for spaghetti. Fowler and Carl put on Aliens, so Z and I zipped out spontaneously to see Hot Tub Time Machine.

I woke up with a surprise package at our door: Karen! Thus the whole day went to Fun. We played more four square and ate paninis at Café Kem. Then we sat outside in the MCAD parking lot watching the boys skateboard. After five hours of outsideness, I caught a sunburn. Then we ordered Pizza Lucé and sat around and talked. The girls went to TML and Sara and I went to Diana's birthday party. After failing to start a dance party, we came home and zonked out immediately.

Today I got many questions answered and have temporarily decided to go home for the summer and return for RA duties in August. It sounds as if I will then be able to visit my sister in Florida for an extended amount of time as well as get a vehicle for next year. As far as classes are concerned, it looks like I will have only one afternoon class next semester, which I am oddly excited about. Everything else will be in the mornings and at night. I predict a lot of naps. I also foresee less wasted time in studios. Perfect.

I'm really thankful for the RA position. Though I love being around people, I also love having my own personal space to recharge and wind down. I'm excited to get to know the residents and organize events. All in all, this feels way better than all the other plans I had before with Pixar and studying California. All my needs have been taken care of!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Birthday, Break, Red Wing, Major Change

Notable things in the past month:

Well for one, I turned 20. For the first birthday ever, I felt older, with an overwhelming sense of responsibility sweeping over me. I'll probably always be a big kid, but now more than ever, I feel like it's time to grow up a bit.

For this birthday I played recess games. Similarly to my 16th, we played capture the flag, but with a twist of four square. I've been addicted to four square since.

The nice thing about my birthday is that I get to spend it here in Minneapolis, but also at home for Spring Break. I didn't get anything spectacular this year. Just a much-needed flash drive, some new clothes, and a delicious cake. Mostly I was thankful to go home to get away from school and to see my parents and pets.

Being home isn't as fun as my fond memories make it out to be. Everyone is either in school or working; it's no vacation spot. But after I got over that fact, it became enjoyable, and I saw most every friend I wanted.

On my break, I visited three parks, two Targets, and one barber shop. I ate Chinese twice, BBQ once, and never had chicken at home. I saw nine friends, six parents, and two pets. I bought fourteen pairs of underwear, eight pairs of socks, four pairs of capris, and my dad bought two Trikkes. I watched four movies, three seasons of Weeds, and one movie in theaters. And lastly, I played too many games of four square to even count.

I rode back to MCAD with Audrey. We listened to a total of 4 CDs, talking took precedence. The real journey took place after we returned. Monday night, I asked Alyssa, Z, and Carl to join me for homework. Not too long after Carl showed up, we spontaneously (and surprisingly) decided to make a late night road trip to Red Wing to climb the bluff.

Long story short, Z got in a car wreck, but we still went to Red Wing. Alyssa and I were poor night time trailblazers, but we made it up one trip and huff at at a time. By the time we got up there, it was almost midnight, but we were in no hurry regardless of our morning classes. We saw a fox, too, which Alyssa mistook for a cat at first. The walk back down was flooded by cell phone lights and camera screens. Best Monday night by far. I'd like to return during the day sometime. Carl gets so excited about his hometown. This story is the basis for my 25 page assignment in my writing class. Huzzah!

The last notable thing to talk about it my change of major. Before break I had become a bit unsatisfied with the animation program here at MCAD. And more importantly, I started questioning my education in general. What am I looking to get out of my classes? What work have I been really proud of or interested in? Where would I like to be after college?

None of those answers lied in the typical animation field. I don't want to do character driven, narrative based work. I want to use animation as a tool for bigger projects. I want to work interactively, conceptually, and experimentally. I still want to learn animation techniques, but I want the ability to work in other mediums as well. Thus I have, as of today, switched to the Web & Multimedia department. Alexis and Stevie were very supportive of this move, both technically with my credits and conceptually. I'm very excited to see where this new direction takes me!

Thursday, April 01, 2010


Mikey Then:

Mikey Now:

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Scott Pilgrim


Friday, March 26, 2010

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Website

I've worked up a new website for my Web + Screen class. I still have to fix a few bugs with the videos, but you get the idea!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Chat Roulette Piano Man Improv


This week I became addicted to Weeds. I watched the first two seasons in 3 days and am hurting for more. Damn Netflix for only putting two seasons on Instant Play! Anyhow, here's a bit of dialogue that just made me absolutely lose it!

Isabelle: Dad, you know the Harry Potter books that we read?
Dean: Love them all, Love Harry Potter.
Isabelle: Mom is Voldemort. Don't you know that? You may have reduced her to vapor now, but she is out there. Gathering her strength, and she will be back. Don't you know that?

The Season 2 Finale was probably the biggest cliffhanger I've ever experienced. SO INTENSE. I need the third season NOW and have no means of getting it until at least 6 pm! Ridiculous. Man I've missed watching TV shows straight through. Any other suggestions? I'm quite at my leisure. :)

Full Version of Weeds Theme
"Little Boxes" by Melvina Reynolds:

Short Versions of Weeds Theme
"Little Boxes" by The Shins:

"Little Boxes" by Regina Spektor:

"Little Boxes" by The Decemberists:


This week in Stop Motion class we learned how to make phenakistoscopes. It's hard to explain, but we've all see them. In short, they were one of the first forms of animation. I feel like it lends to many possibilities for installations or collaborations. This video is great example:

"We Got Time" by Moray McLaren

And here's a video about the making of "We Got Time".

Monday, March 15, 2010

Ax Man, Galactic Pizza, The Ghost Writer

Another beautiful spring day in Minneapolis, and how did I spend it? With my girls of course! Alyssa, Michelle and I began our sunglassed afternoon with a stop at Ax Man to splurge on Stop Motion materials. I left with $22 worth of wooden poles, bungee rope, and magnets. I hadn't realized it was bungee rope.

Then we stopped in at Galactic Pizza for a 12" Hipster and a few tall glasses of Mountain Dew. Feta cheese won over my taste buds once again.

"He can't drown two ghost writers; you're not kittens!"

With full tummies we legally parked and briskly entered the Uptown Theater to see Polanski's new film The Ghost Writer. I knew nothing of it except the fact that it was required for my Great American Film Directors class, where we recently studied the works of Roman Polanski. To my very pleasant surprise Ewan McGregor starred as the Ghost Writer himself, and made the movie more enjoyable than otherwise! It was, in every way, a Polanski film and I would recommend it very highly.

On our way home I declared, "I'm going to go home and scratch my foot."
Michelle observed, "There's a dog in that car and he's looking at me."
Alyssa laughed an Alyssa laugh.
We're a brilliant bunch.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Begone Dull Care

Begone Dull Care by Norman McLaren in 1949 is an example of 'visual music'. It shows that the visual can have similar effects as the aural. The idea that visual art is often compared to music is of great interest to me, and is one of the biggest reason I decided to go into animation! I'd like to experiment with some of this stuff, myself, and have already researched it in length in previous classes. There are so many directions to go within the animation field, but whenever I ask myself why I decided to become an animator, it always boils down to music.

I also discovered a fancy little fact about Begone Dull Care, that it shares its title with the most recent Junior Boys album. The unusual name was surely not a coincidence, and after looking at the track names, I was convinced of their commonality.

Begone Dull Care by Junior Boys (2009)
1.Parallel Lines
3.Bits And Pieces
4.Dull To Pause
6.Sneak A Picture
7.The Animator
8.What It's For

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Pixar, RA, LCAD, & Summer Plans

Thought Vomit Commence!

Today I mailed out my demo reel and application for the Pixar Technical Undergraduate Program. (It's a ten-week program for undergrad students looking to go into art/computer science, and basically you go to Pixar and learn Pixar for the summer. BOSS!) I also found out that it would fulfill my internship credit for MCAD, even though it's not an internship; Pixar is just that prestigious. Score! I'm so thankful to have all that completed.

Recently I was encouraged by several peers and staff to apply for the RA position (of which I wasn't planning to take part in because of my tentative plans to study at LCAD next year), so I picked up the packet and am looking for that opportunity to open up! If I get Pixar and the RA position, there's a solid chance I won't look towards LCAD. Pixar would offer me TONS of extra experience, and saving money with the RA position would really help out my parents.

On the other hand, if I don't get Pixar, LCAD is always a possibility, but I was also considering living with my sister, Mike, and Nate in Florida for the summer. I can never find work in Missouri, I'm not sure if I want to stay in Minneapolis over the summer, and I always wanted to live with my sister, so it doesn't seem like a bad idea! Once I realized that Missouri isn't such a necessity, things got a lot more open, to say the least.

I've noticed that housing has been a HUGE problem to figure out for most everyone here at MCAD. Almost all the pals are planning on studying abroad in the Spring, but nothing is final, so we don't know whether to live on or off campus, who to live with, etc. As of right now, I'm a-okay with living on-campus. Let's see who I can convince.

Life is busy, busy, busy.
I won't fill you in on the smaller details,
'cause I'm sure you already know if you really care to know!

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Monday, March 01, 2010

Front Row Jónsi Tickets!

Today three FRONT ROW tickets were invested for myself, Gina, and Sara to see Jónsi's live performance at the Pantages theater! Excitement doesn't even COVER it! Developed by 59 Productions, this performance is going to be like nothing ever seen before. Not only am I excited to see the show, but I've gained a new goal: to be an animation director for productions like this! There is NOTHING I would enjoy more.

The Pantages Theater where we will be sitting front row right:

Jónsi's "Go Do"

A Preview of the show by 59 Productions:

Making of the Show: Part 1

And for your personal enjoyment!
A free download of Jónsi's "Boy Lilikoi".

Sunday, February 28, 2010

aM laboratory

This link was shared with me and I luuurve it! You click on the boxes and they create the different pitches, which are looped at a certain tempo. Just play with it! And get other people to do it at the same time. :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Caleb Sleeps Through Class

Last week we were ending sound class and a classmate whispers to the teacher, "Can we all leave really quietly and leave Caleb sleeping in here?" Our teacher nods and finishes up class, whispering our homework to us. Then, all leaving in unusual silence, Caleb is left with his Zs. About half an hour later, he's still there. Not only did we manage a picture, but our teacher posted it on Blackboard for a group discussion. YES.

Click the image to see it larger.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

This movie was surprisingly AWESOME. I was not expecting much, but could barely stop laughing throughout the entire thing! I recommend seeing it pronto, it's especially great for the young adult crowd. What astonished me more was that a lot of the jokes won't be (the same kind of) funny in five years, or even one year! A very in-the-moment film. Speedy, quick humor. Great animation. See it!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Laser Tag Poster

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Flight Affair

The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus

This movie simultaneously blew my mind, frustrated me,
and amazed me. I feel like it has cause for a second
watch, with much discussion and reading into.
I'd suggest you see it, if only to talk about it!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Stacy Dupree Covers 'Silver Spring' by Stevie Nicks

I don't know if it's the best thing in the entire world, but I surely enjoyed it -- especially after being raised with Stevie Nicks and growing up to love Eisley.

Life Review #37,874

I feel like a life review is in order.

My last real post was an account of my first week of school. Well now we're on the fourth week, so a quick, bulleted list will do.

  • I love my Writer's Workshop class. It's my first Creative Writing class and it has been SO unbelievably easy for me to make stuff up. And it's fun, too! My teacher even read my homework to the class, so I felt good about my work instead of embarrassed. That was a good day.
  • MCAD took us all snow tubing the other day. It was my first time going to a real place. They had shaped hills and conveyor belts that would pull us up. I ate a lot o' snow and felt drooled on by the elements, but it was a total blast. Missed the Super Bowl, but I'm okay with that.
  • This last weekend was full of music. I had a small jam session with Gina and found out she plays gorgeously. She's inspired me to learn classical guitar and we're hopefully going to be doing some duets together for fun. Time to learn Treble Clef!
  • To continue the musical weekend, I met Michelle's friend, Adam, and we all went out to a few music stores and played around on stuff. I picked up this custom Les Paul/Gibson that cost $5000 and it played like a dream! I really want an electric guitar; it offers so many different ways to play! That plus a bow?! Oh gosh. I'd be in heaven.
  • I've really been enjoying fellowship lately. Just for the fact that I know the people better and it feels more like a household. I signed up for the Renewed Mind class and can't wait for the Valentines branch meeting coming up. 'Tis refreshing, honestly.
  • Instead of studying abroad, which has seemed completely out of reach financially, I'm looking into doing the AICAD mobility and studying at LCAD next year. That's in Laguna Beach, California. That plus Pixar? Possibly with Michelle, too? Gosh. I'm SO excited for that.
  • Due to a broken radiator, I've been sleeping on my mattress in the living room the past week. It's way too hot in there; it's not restful. Plus I always woke up with one too many boogers. Gross! Also in a continuous state: I've been listening to "Bruises" nonstop.
  • Yesterday I also submitted a cut paper piece into the Foot in the Door 4 exhibition at the MIA. It happens once every ten years and anyone who enters something is in. I stood in line for about 2 hours. Worth it.
  • Marissa sent us a sweet Morse Code letter on REALLY old paper and sealed with wax. She's pretty much one of the best people ever. I can't wait to see her again.

To come in the near future:
  • Recess Club is playing Zombies in the snow next Saturday, and following that will be hot cocoa and a screening of Dead Snow in the College Center. I can't wait, and it feels good to get the club up and running again. I was kind of failing at that.
  • Tomorrow I'm going to a student panel about the LCAD thing, and then on Friday I'm meeting with Alexis to talk seriously about it.
  • Made at MCAD is coming up.
  • I want to enter the Valentine card contest and also make cards for everyone here and there. I always seem to slack on holidays and birthdays. Oops!
  • Deadlines, Deadlines, Deadlines!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Virtual Barbershop

Put on your headphones and get a haircut from the Virtual Barbershop.
It only works with headphones on, so try it out!
And don't be alarmed if you think there's a stranger suddenly in the room.

That's What She Said

"Wow, I've never had 7/8 black in me!"

"They were peaking constantly so I didn't know what to do."

Teach: "What is this?"
Avid Student: "A butt plug."
Teach: "...No. This is not a butt plug."

Oh I love Sound Class.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Chairlift: "Bruises"

My Roomie Rocks

Inspired by the blooming potato in our kitchen,
Sara Fowler graces us with her digital illustration skillz:

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cartoon Network Shortie

Evident Utensil

Last night I was introduced to Yay Everyday.
One of the coolest websites I've come upon!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Importance of Right-Brain Thinking In Education

Kate Canales talks about teaching design to middle schoolers:

"I like to think of a prototype as any action that helps you answer your questions or test an idea. Teaching the class was that for me. A prototype isn’t really research (which can also answer questions) and it isn’t a discussion (which sometimes helps you ask questions); it is an action. It’s out there. A lot of people hate prototyping because this kind of experimentation can make you vulnerable: They often fail or at the very least have the potential to fail, and knowing you’re going to fail is not really in anyone’s comfort zone. But how often and how much do you learn from the safety of your comfort zone?"

Read more.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sher and Avedon

Max Sher Photography:

Richard Avedon Pohotography:

Apple Tablet

What do you think?
Is it really as amazing as you think it might be?
Until I try it, I have a feeling this would honestly
be a bit impractical as far as WORKING on the computer.
Can't wait to see it!

((Click the image to view an article predicting its capabilities.))

Monday, January 25, 2010

Saturday, January 23, 2010

First Week o' School

Thus begins the review of the first week of school.

After disappointment, much butt-kissing, and attending seven classes, I have finally figured out my schedule for the semester. First things first, I switched into Web and Screen with Travis on Tuesdays. I'm happy about that because it's his last semester teaching here, and he's been one of my favorites at MCAD. Beforehand I had History of Animation. My teacher reminds me of Gary Livedalen, and that makes him more fun to listen to.

Wednesdays were supposed to be my busy day, with three classes from 9:30 am to 9 pm. The Writer's Workshop in the morning looks super helpful and thought-provoking. It's really the first creative writing class I've taken, so the products should be very satisfying. My Stop Motion class was off to a great start. The teacher is hilarious and my classmates will be fun to work with. I was waitlisted, however, and no decision was made until Thursday night, where Schell emailed me and I did make it into the class. I was also waitlisted for my Sci-Fi and Fantasy Writing Class. Didn't get in, but I wanted and still want to be in that class so badly! When he said, "Let's consider Hobbits..." I was sold. He also brought up the idea of "what if?" and that has already triggered a ton of stuff in my mind. Specifically the idea of -- what if we said all our thoughts? There's so much to go along with that that I can't even explain it all right now.

Thursday morning I talked with my advisor, Dave Novak, to talk about my waitlisted classes (this was before I had found out if I made it into the classes or not.) There wasn't much he could do about it, which I kind of knew, but my teachers had suggested we all talk with our advisors. Whatevs. Then I went to student affairs to see what my choices were as far as alternate classes. It was looking poor if I hadn't made it into the Stop Motion class. But there was a class I was interested in to take place of my Sci-Fi class, and that was Great American Directors, which I found out Alyssa was already enrolled.

Later I attended my Sound for Film class. I'm super stoked to think of sound in non-musical terms, and the fact that you can really create a character through sound. I love that idea! Just in the first day, I couldn't believe that all animation majors weren't required to take this course. It's HUGE. Sound in films is vital -- music too, obviously. I'm the only animation kid in there, too. And I thought that was super interesting, realizing how much of snobs film majors can be about movies. Rightfully so...but DAMN! I don't dare talk about a popular movie unless it's Avatar. Then I know we're all on the same page for sure.

So Friday morning I attended the Great American Directors class. Basically we watch a series of movies from the 60s-80s and discuss them in class. Have two tests and a fifteen-page research paper. The paper is daunting, but at least I know work from week to week will be relatively enjoyable -- especially on top of the other 15 credits.

Then we had the Welcome Back Weiners and Club Fair. It was a pretty slow time. But I want to do a lot more for Recess Club this semester. I'm very aware at how much I lagged last semester, but I'm going to be way more proactive this time around. I want to go ice skating, tubing, sledding, laser tagging, and just other things off campus. Hopefully we can make more Recess News videos too! :)

In the afternoon, Sara and I had planned on getting things done. That didn't work. We pretty much just hugged the afternoon away. During a more awkward hug, Maintenance knocked on the door and we giggled a ton. That was so silly. Later Carl came over. He worked on comics and I fell asleep on the couch. Then Sara and I hugged some more. Hahaha

After all the snuggling, we went to the Gallery Opening to score some free food. Delish. Then we trekked over to EPC's for Bananigrams and Conan. Charlotte and I had a good catch-up convo about life. I almost cried watching Conan. And then we started for home.

Owen was the first out the door. He stepped on one step and fell down the rest. It was a HARD fall too. The ice was a death trap! I felt so bad for him! But after we got down the stairs it was just kind of funny. After all the thawing of the day, the night had frozen the sidewalks and streets. If you stood still and there was a slope -- you'd be rolling down it. At one point Audrey's feet started sliding apart and she practically did the splits. I started laughing so much that (going to be honest here...) I peed a little. Hahahaha It was the best walk home ever! The boys were obviously strolling around like they lived on ice. I just took it one scoot at a time. I had never experienced that before! So fuuuuuun.

Alright, that's a satisfactory recap.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Scrubs Tiki

So I got this Tiki in the mail today. Bought an identical one for Erin's birthday present. The video below explains. Hahahaha

Visual Music

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Art Shanties, Quang's, Snowball Fights, Game Nights

Yesterday was full of life! After sleeping in til noon, a bunch of us (Owen, Peter, Sara, Audrey and myself) bundled up in our snow boats and floppy hats to head to the art shanties on Medicine Lake. The event was FULL of people, as it was above freezing for once, and the skies were clear and happy.

My favorite shanty was the Dance Party Shanty, though the MCAD Shanty and Post Shanties were runners up. I don't think the one was really called the MCAD Shanty, but because we went in there and Pat was running it and then McMeans and AJ stepped in -- well, it became the MCAD Shanty for about 10 minutes. I sent out 4 post cards from the Post Shanty. All very quickly-written messages. I wish I could've sent out a few more, but the boys got super hungry and left us in the snowy dust for the car.

On the way back we decided Quang's was our tummy's delight, so we dropped off Peter and went for some Battered Yams and Shrimp. It was Audrey and Owen's first time, so Sara and I fancied ourselves the Quang's Orientation Crew. Let's just say it went well.

Theeeen came the snow adventure. Earlier in the day I had gazed out the window and noticed the melty parking lot, perfect for snowball fights! Thus I messaged everyone and gathered the troops for evening playing. More people said they were coming, but didn't, unfortunately, but still there were about 13 of us out there. Also unfortunately, the snow was super packed and had unfrozen and refrozen, so anything you could grab was a bit of ice. Nonetheless, we still romped around had iceball fights. Basically, I was happy because I got to wear my snow pants. Now I know it wasn't a waste to bring them! :)

After climbing ice mountains and lodging caution cones while shouting Japanese phrases, the gang headed inside for hot cocoa and games. We laughed at some Pictionary Telephone and got sassy during some Apples to Apples. SUCH a great way to spend a Saturday night. I didn't even want to go to the party we saw everyone walking to! My friends are great.

Defending my bacon,

Saturday, January 16, 2010

OK Go - "This Too Shall Pass"

Reunion, DVS Breakfast, Orientation

The last few days have been a doozy! Nonstop partying since Wednesday night.

The Lowdown

All day Wednesday I had been shopping with my mom to prepare for the return to MCAD. I was already pooped to the max by 6, but there was no time for that! I headed to the Reynolds ASAP. I hung out with the fam for a bit, then decided to finally muster up the courage to reunite with some old friends. We drove out to Cristina's, and, to my surprise, nothing had changed. It's like no time had passed at all. And then, on a whim, we decided to go see Layla.

Honestly, I was a bit nervous, though I knew there wasn't much to be nervous about. It's just -- well, Time is a funny thing. So all four of us were there together again, talking about the same old things. In the slightest, I wish I was just hanging out with Layla alone; being older and out of high school lends for a much different conversation. With Cristina and Erin there, the only thing we could all really talk about was Band. And don't get me wrong, I love reminiscing, but as of late, it's been unsatisfactory to only talk about that one thing in our past, and nothing in the current.

At that moment I became extremely thankful for my friends here at MCAD, and the way we all analyze and debate and discuss...everything! And it's all purely for the sake of conversation, never to prove anything right or wrong. It's just good conversation. I love the way these art kids think -- most of the time. Hahah

So to continue, I finally got home around 2, but couldn't sleep til much later. Normally I wouldn't have cared, but I had breakfast plans with DVS before I left for Mpls. Around 9 we trekked to the Corner Cafe for biscuits and gravy. And egg. Haha I love Janessa and Brittany. They're like the only people at home anymore that are at the same stage of life as I am, it's nice to talk with them. I like my older friends, yes, and my younger ones, too, but there's a great commaraderie with people one's own age.

After I got home from breakfast, I took a nap with Mikey and Tootsie on my parents' bed. It was absolutely delightful (enough so to blog about!) Then I packed everything up and waited for the 'rents to return from work. We finally got out the door around 2:30, on time for the Julsons -- only an hour and a half after our initial departure plans. We listened to HP6 on audiobook the whole way to school, but I slept for most of it.

We got in around 10:30. Unloaded swiftly and then parted our ways. It's always sad saying bye to my parents, especially my mom. She still gets all teary-eyed. But it's life! And after settling in a tiny bit, we three new roomies went to 301 for some reuniting. All was well and happy. After a while we came home and tried to sleep. Audrey and I were so hot (because of our stoopid radiators) and awake that we just chatted for a couple of hours. So silly!

Very difficultly we woke up the next morning for Orientation. It wasn't as good as the fall's, but that was to be expected. I loved seeing everyone and getting to meet all the new students. They seem like a really cool bunch. Later in the evening we went bowling, where which we ate tons of cheesey bread and chips and salsa. Afterwards everyone came back to our apartment and we watched Alien. Well -- they watched Alien, I dozed in the chair. We continued on to talk for a couple of ours and then all headed to bed. I think I was the last asleep, but love being so.

Today we woke up to a beautiful day and will be going to the art shanties this afternoon. It's great having no real plans and no homework! Now...to find some work study....

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Matthew Lyons Illustrations

These are fabulous pieces of Mathew Lyons. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mumford and Sons

"Little Lion Man" by Mumford and Sons

In other news. I got two pairs of sweet new kicks today. Ate out at El Magueys with my folks and followed it up with some Wii. Tomorrow is my last day in town before I head to Mpls. I have many plans/things to do. I hope my agenda works with my mom's!

Also, a great opportunity was shown to me today. Let's just say it puts my summer plans even more up in the air, but I'm SUPER stoked about it.

To be continued!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Monopoly, Mall Rats, Chili's, Avatar

You know, sometimes I get so used to my own lingo that I forget that the people listening have no idea what the hell I'm saying. Oops!

In other news,
things have been swell since I've been home.

I played a delightful game of Disney Villains Monopoly with Jayme and Jaclyn. Devoured Papa Johns. Stayed up too late for my own good.

Picked up Pongs, scrounged some 'scream, and went shopping.
Originally going to sneak on Janessa at the mall, great deals superseded our plans. We bought shoes and shirts and skirts of all shapes and colors, and had such a great time we were actually giggly about it after the fact. Realizing it was the first time we had ever really shopped like that together, we declared the day satisfactory and parted our ways.
Later in the evening good old DVS caught up on life at Chili's. We discussed secret adventures, boys, college, growing up, and everything else one can imagine. Two buffalo ranch sandwiches and eight boneless wings later, we said goodnight with plans for the morrow.

Woke up and craved a Disney movie. I laid in bed thinking of Netflix's lack of Instant Play Disney movies, and thus rolled into the living room to check the U-verse guide. To my surprise, both WALL-E and Monsters Inc. were playing. With a fond memory of seeing the latter in theaters with my father, I watched Sulley's gorgeous purple and aqua fur scare across the screen.
Contented, I continued on to watch Prince Caspian, but was far-from-rudely interrupted by a call from my dear friend Marissa. We talked for nearly an hour about all that should be discussed, and then I checked it off my To-Do list. It was just as we had left off before, saying goodbye to one another while Peter said farewell to the Narnians.
Not much sooner DVS headed to AMC 20 to see Avatar. I was impressed with the 3D glasses, but was disappointed that I didn't bring my camera. The movie itself was entertaining, and surely eyecandy, but I felt like the storyline didn't require 3 hours to unfold, nor was it all too original. I fear telling this to my sister, and about 90% of the rest of Avatar's viewers, but at least I know Peter will agree with me.

The rest of the week:
I am to shop with my mom for some shoes and a new coat, pick up my stored art work from a coffee shop, and teach her how to do computer things. I would also like to have at least one more hangout with the gang before I head to my other home, MCAD, on Thursday. Then we begin the journey of semester #4, finding a job, and possibly even finding a house.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Home from Florida

PeterPeter showed this to me; I love it!

In other news, I'm back in Blue Springs.
The p-units are already asleep and I'm still jammin.
Today was a blasty blast though. Let me tell you all about it!

After waking up to "My Girls", I packed up everything and we (my sister, Mike, Nate, and myself) went to the Sponge Docks. It was founded by the Greeks back in the 1800s or some time, and it's...well...based of sea sponges. There were tons of gift shops with sea goodies and sea stories, all mingled in with legit Grecian restaurants.

When we finally got there we had to eat immediately and went into this little place for some instant satisfaction. The waitress even looked Greek (probably was) and Rachel Ray gave the place a thumbs up! So far so good! I ordered the Gyros Platter, complete with salad and Greek boiled potatoes. OH MY GOD. Melt in my mooooouth! It was some of the best food I've ever inhaled. And it was so filling! I should've have been able to eat all of it, but because I knew I couldn't take leftovers on the plane, I knew I had to get it all down. Boy was it rough walking around after that!

We went into multiple shops; it was obviously touristy, all containing pretty much the same things. I got this glass thing with a jellyfish lodged inside it. Also bought a few sand dollars, a sea cookie, and some star fish. Don't know what I'll do with them, but it seemed a shame to go to Florida and bring none of the beach back with me.

Then we headed to the airport, with a good chunk of time to spare. The team came in and sat with me for a while, only to find out my flight was delayed another 40 minutes. Thus, we decided to complete our music project. You see, the previous day Nate, Mike, and I made a little ditty combining all our activities and inside jokes from the vacation. It was pretty hip and happenin, so we decided to finish it out by making a music video in the airport. Boy oh boy. I can't wait to show everyone! It's going to be phenooom once it's done.

After some solid hugs and a longing goodbye, I got on the tram and headed out to the terminal. I was a lucky one, receiving both a random security check and a rummage through my suitcase. My bag was so jam packed that everything was spilling out when the lady opened it. I said, "Good luck!" when she went to close it. Sucker.

Then I boarded and had a nice roomie seat in the Emergency Exit row. All was swell until this drunk couple decided to be rowdy for all three hours of the flight. They received so many dirty looks. I don't even think they noticed one, though. When we landed, all the passengers looked at each other, acknowledging the thankfulness we collectively had to rid of these nincompoops.

My parents picked me up and we drove home through the snowy 3 degrees. I almost forgot what cold felt like! My mom made some broccoli and cheese soup and all was right in the home. Now I'm making a list of things to do before I go to school, including hanging out with everyone this weekend before they all head out to start their semesters. I'm excited to go back to MCAD, but Florida was a huge competitor. And it took no time at all for that to sink in.

'Twill be an interesting semester,

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Still In Florida

So I've been in Florida for almost two weeks now. I don't miss the cold, I don't miss it at all. Nor do I particularly want snow. Not when I know it's going to be there for the next three-four months. But I do miss home and school just slightly. I've been outstandingly content here with Domini, Mike and Nathan. Probably more content than I've ever been at home or at school. It's like the perfect medium -- family and young folks all in one. Turns out I just missed my sister this whole time! Glad that's settled.

But for a summation of my time here, I will make a list.
  • Super Mario Bros. on Wii
  • Hand and Foot
  • Fishing
  • Ice Cream from Twisty Treat
  • Target
  • Various St. Pete restaurants
  • Guitars
  • Ferdinand
I'm flying home to a blizzard wasteland on Friday to (hopefully) hang out with my high school friends a bit, then heading up to the even larger blizzard wasteland on the 14th. I'm so satisfied right now that I'm not anticipating anything, just enjoying the moment. Lately I haven't even known which day of the week it is, and coming from MCAD, that's a HUGE relief.

In recent thoughts, I have become more accepting to the idea of moving to Minneapolis this summer, even if it's to live on-campus. Home is becoming less productive for me, and frankly it's time for me to grow up and move on. I love my friends and parents, but other than that, there isn't much there. Plus -- all my friends are growing up too, so they all have jobs and other things that keep themselves busy, so we're less and less able to hang out. I always have the hardest time finding a job there, too, so possibly working on-campus this year could be a start. I'm considering finding a house, too, and living off-campus and working off-campus. I think it would be good for my well-being to be able to escape school, even just for a little bit every day. There are pros and cons for each living situation, but I've given the first a solid try, and if I'm thinking about being an RA next year -- well then I'll have plenty o' time to live on-campus. Yeahp.

Shopping til I'm dropping,

Saturday, January 02, 2010

The Winter Song

Reblogged from Karen's page.

The Winter Song by Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson