Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cockaboody & Shel Silverstein

For my History of Animation class we have to propose an animation by a famous animator(s) or studio that has adapted a piece of writing that exists as text only. I have chosen John and Faith Hubley to adapt Shel Silverstein's poem "We're out of paint, so..."

Let's paint a picture with our food.
For red we'll squeeze these cherries.
For purple let's splash grape juice on.
For blue we'll use blueberries.
For black just use some licorice.
For brown pour on some gravy.
For yellow you can dip your brush
In the egg yolk you just gave me.
We'll sign our names in applesauce
And title it "Our Luncheon,"
And hang it up for everyone
To stop...and see...and munch on.

Below is the Hubley's animation "Cockaboody", of which the adaptation is based.

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