Saturday, February 28, 2009


Keira Knightley is SO badass.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Proposal

Unfortunately the snow plowed through my plans to see Lisa tonight. It wasn't the only deciding factor, but it definitely hindered it.

Regardless! I would like to propose to you, my friends, a mass gathering at The Cedar on Thursday March 5, 2009 to see Best Friends Forever for $10. What say you?! In case you forgot, they played at our Black and White Ball this year and were my first local band music purchase here in Minneapolis. I would dearly love to see them again! And in some more colorful clothes!

I think we should get as many people as possible to go. :)

That's me at the Black and White Ball with BFF.

Oh my goodness -- Heima.

This makes me want to go into film.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Finished Wood Project

Disclaimer: The angle the photo was taken at makes the top half appear
larger than the bottom, although they are equal in reality.

The idea of this piece was to take the aesthetics of camera film and mix it with the functionality of a coat rack. I achieved this by drilling holes every half-inch down each side of each pole to look like the film. Then I joined each set of four poles in the middle with a Lazy Susan ball bearing piece, increasing the functionality of the coat rack. The two sets of poles were inverted, one on top of the other, to mirror the idea of negatives in the dark room process. A dark, natural stain was chosen to dramatize the natural material as well as highlight the idea of the film.

(I would've posted this straight to my blog, but it's copyrighted....)


Monday, February 23, 2009

Ah the 90s

I found this picture of my sister.
100% wonderful.
The hair.
The shirt.
Mm mm MM!

Great Finds, Great Work, Great Sunday

'Twas a great and profitable day in the life of Sarah Julson. She woke up after a lovely girls' night in and could not be angry at her grogginess for her contentment superseded it all. The plan for the day was to attend Fellowship with Breezy, journey to the local hardware store to purchase some parts, and then return to school where she would finish her 3D project. However, things did not go as Sarah planned....

Dressed and ready to go, Sarah sat awaiting Breezy's arrival. The clock was ticking and the minutes were passing, yet no sign of Breezy. Suddenly her phone received a text message telling of her ride's great misfortune; Breezy's car was towed! Fellowship was cancelled, but they still planned to go to the hardware store. Sarah, in the mean time, decided to doze into dreaming again.

At exactly twelve o'clock Sarah's eyes peeped open and she yawned herself awake. Coincidentally she then received a text message from Breezy asking if she was ready to go to the hardware store. Perfect timing! So they went and bought all their goods and then, treated by Breezy, they feasted at Baja Sol. The salsa bar fancied Sarah's tastebuds to the most extreme. She had never experienced such divine Mexican sauces! After they sighed a great sigh of satisfaction, they returned to MCAD.

Sarah went into her apartment, grabbed her toolbox and backpack, and headed into the dungeon of doom, aka the shop. She worked for hours (nine to be exact!), sanding and gluing and staining. She almost finished, but one tricky little set of poles would not stay together. After multiple failed attempts she stained everything and decided to finish it the next day. Thankfully Sarah didn't wait until Monday; it was all due Tuesday!

She eventually trudged home and had a much-needed heart-to-heart with her mommy on the phone. While they chatted her tummy growled like a great big lion! Sarah remembered she hadn't eaten since the delicious Baja Sol all day. Thus she improvised ingredients and cooked up some of the best sloppy joes she had ever tasted. Her roommates were jealous, but she didn't feel like sharing; the leftovers would be all too satisfying.

After doing the dishes she wrote in her blog and took a shower.

The end.

Note from the Author:
Obviously the ending of this story has not come to past yet. However, I do plan on showering. (Let's keep our fingers crossed!)

Furthermore (Epilogue):
While waiting for her fruitless efforts of gluing to dry, Sarah accompanied Marissa in the library. Marissa inspired her to check out some of the Children's Literature books, which Sarah had also been meaning to check out for her Maurice Sendak class. She found some great gems, including children's books, children's literature informational books, and a tiny book of William Blake's poetry, and left with nine, count NINE, books in total.

She really enjoyed one C.S. Lewis quote she found:
"A children's story is the best art form for something you have to say."

I miss Narnia.

Big P.S.
I took a shower, applaud me, please, and I declared one thing:
Juggling soap is the world's worst feeling.

Additionally (taken from a sticky note of thoughts I wrote randomly when I woke up from sleep last night),
I declared my sock-thing's name. I present to you my dear friend B├╝bert.

He would like me to tell you about my fun fact learned yesterday. Charlotte A. Ferguson presented to me the proof that farts will propel one in outer space.

Also written down in my sleep:
I will sit in the willow tree,
I am seated in the heavenlies.

Dream Record:
I was helping my grandma tend her garden. Everyone stopped by to see us and said to my grandma, "You love that garden so much. You always did." And then she passed away and it was my duty to keep the garden alive. I don't know how much that speaks to reality, but I woke up with a great desire to follow in my grandma's and mom's footsteps to become a tender gardener.

Truism 1,000,000,001:
Things are to be used, people are to be loved.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Friends needed!

I want to see Lisa Hannigan at the Varsity Theater on Thursday. It's $20, doors open at 7, show starts at 8. She's well-known for her work with Damien Rice, aka she's been his female vocalist for years.

I need someone to come with me! Any takers?!

Here's some of her stuff:

The last one is my favorite song by her.

Furthermore: I am in love with Love.


It took me forever to remember to take a picture of this thing. My teacher asked for one like two weeks ago, and then again this past week he asked for it to be sent after class on Tuesday. And...shwew. Here it is.

Let's be nerds, eh?

Favorite Literary Device: Alliterations

Favorite Punctuation: The Semicolon

Favorite Wordplay Device: Puns

Favorite Transition Word: Furthermore

Favorite Summation Word: Thus

I just thought that needed to be recorded.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Truism 843

Vomit-free since '93.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Posting Maniac!

I'll update this post whenever I add more ideas,
but here are some truisms (in no particular order) I've come up with for GD:

  1. Every friend has a purpose in your life, some last longer than others.
  2. Being unsettled is settling.
  3. The strong will survive.
  4. Dust is just dead skin.
  5. Friends will be there for you, but family never leaves.
  6. You can't fail until you quit.
  7. Life is like a guitar, sometimes it needs tuning.
  8. Make-believe is much too fun.

Also. I got a lot of feedback (woo four comments!) on the last post and I can't really, for the life of me, figure out why. I've posted other stuff similar to that, AND that was way too long for anyone to really be interested -- I thought. Maybe everyone was just in a commenty mood? Who knows. But. I like knowing if anyone reads these things, so even if you have nothing to say, you should at least let me know you read it. Kay? Okay.

Also. Here is an informational song I helped Charlotte make for her Diane Arbus class.

List of things to do:
  1. Make a book and webpage for Media tomorrow.
  2. Visit the shop to chat with Pat and finish up my coat rack.
  3. Get some wood stain and poly at Home Depot.
  4. Write a Critical Analysis.
  5. Write my Art History Essay.
  6. GD Truisms/Zine business.
  7. Figure out some rides to the Special and from Spring Break and all that stuff.
  8. Um.
  9. Yeah.

My Roller Coaster Day

So. One should start of knowing that on Tuesday I had 3D. I was MEGA pumped when I got in there, but as my wood grew smoother, I grew more and more tired. I left and was useless for the rest of the night. Thus -- I slept.

I slept for a few hours and then woke up and tried to finish my GD poster and work on my Critical Analysis. At 4 am I finally went to sleep after a hot shower (because that's the only time of day you can get a truly hot shower) and I didn't finish my Critical Analysis. In fact, all I got done as far as that homework went was finding out that William Blake was one of the biggest influences on Maurice Sendak, and THAT, my friends, was not relevant whatsoever to my paper.

My Iron and Wine alarm was set for 8 o'clock in the morning, giving me an hour to wake up and get ready for work. Alas, I should know myself -- I always sleep until I REALLY have to wake up, so when the alarm went off I didn't press snooze, I just pressed "Confirm", aka no more alarming. My eyes peeked through their lids across the room towards my clock whose hands are so similar I can rarely tell which is which (usually inferred by the lightness out my window) and it turns out I have 5 minutes to get to work. I JUMPED out of bed (a trait inherited from my dad, which is a long story...) and I put on the first thing I saw and ran out the door.

The previous day was so lovely, almost jacket-less weather, but this morning it was snowing again. I was, for the first time, mad at the snow. Thunderstorms were the only thing my heart desired, and they ran off further into the distance with every flake of falling snow. I stumbled into the Business Office and blinked my eyes awake while my morning voice still lingered. As usual there wasn't much for me to do, so I filed all the extra stuff and learned how to hand out refunds. Thrilling.

Then everyone except Miguel goes into a staff meeting. I'm cool with it; I feel less awkward when I can do zero work by myself rather than do zero work around all these hustling-bustlers. Then one lady comes up to the window asking to get her time card, but all I heard is, "Can I get my shimmyjabwowow?" (I'm still learning the Business Office lingo.) So I turn to Miguel, whose body is completely covered by his cubical except his forehead, and I'm like..."What do I do?" And he gets super agressive and says, "I'm on a conference call..." I look around, "It's in the drawer...the one on the don't need a's the one on top."

Okay now was that so hard? Goodness. Anyhow. I felt bad. Usually when I'm in an environment completely foreign to me I get SUPER self-conscious and inferior. I suppose that a typical homosapien trait, though. After work I headed to the Service Bureau to print out my mediocre GD poster. There were problems with the color callibration on the Konica, and even after they got it fixed, my final print out was a piece of shit. I was really upset. Then I forgot to print out all my process documentation, so I felt extra annoyed.

By the time I got to class I was cussing up a storm and in a really pissy mood, but as soon as we turned in our un-critiqued final products, I was over it. We got our new assignment, which is making a zine, and I was totally stoked. Up and down and up and down. Then she said we were going to see the second Candidate for the new MCAD Presidency do a question-answer session down in the auditorium. I was like, "Okay, whatevs." Little did I know it would speak VERY true to me.

This man, Sam, is a very stand up guy. Right off the bat he was a jokester and called for our attention. He is very established in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Midwest, and, dare I say, the nation. He spoke of various accomplishments such as being a huge part in our light rail systems and, my favorite, attending Julliard. At first he said little about his music career, mostly that he was very good, knew every woodwind, but gave it up to do something else. Later in the session he started talking about it more and more. He talked with the sort of passion that I believe most musicians are born with. He spoke of his ideas to incorporate music into MCAD more. He shared his fear of picking up an instrument and realizing he lost all the music. Everything he said made me want to cry. My pals kept giving me glances like, "He's the answer to all your dreams," but I couldn't look back at them because I was trying very hard not to cry. For the first time I think I truly felt that lump in my throat, and I swallowed it with great great difficulty.

Sam spoke of his 5 dream jobs. He said that, assuming you are already successful, what would your 5 dreams jobs be? All I could think of was playing music again. For some reason all I want to do is to play music. By that point I was hooked on his every word. He has a lot of reasoning and sense to his actions, but he never loses sight of his dreams, and I thought that was very admirable.

Afterwards the crowd cleared out fairly quickly. We were a few of the last people to leave and I looked back at him and, for the first time with a guest speaker, felt the NEED to go and thank him for his inspiring words. As soon as everyone else cleared out and I was the last one with him, I shook his hand and said, "Hi, I'm Sarah."

And then I started crying.
I don't know why, but it's like he put everything in perspective for me. Made me feel okay with the way things are, yet not okay with settling. I explained to him my current indecision to continue with art next year, and that I had been looking into music school, but how all my fears and lack of knowing where to begin was interfering with any ability to decide.

He asked me, "How old are you?" (I knew where this was going.)
I answered, "18." (And by that point I was so out of my mind that I had to think, "Am I 18? or 19? I can't remember!")
And he said, "And what did you play?"
I answered, "Trombone and Bass Trombone mainly."
He asked, "Were you really good?"
I tried modestly to reply, "Well yeah, I believe I was."
He asked, "Classical or jazz or what?"
I said, "Well both, but I'm really into jazz."
And he exclaimed, "Oh I can see why you miss that bass trombone then!"
And he said, "This is where you start."
And he gave me his card and told me to email him.

We talked a little more, but I could see he needed to get out of there. I felt like I could talk to him forever and I had so many things to ask him about. I couldn't stress to him enough, I think, how much that hour and a half meant to me, how much it settled my heart that he wanted to bring music to the school, how he pretty much was the answer to my dreams (though I didn't say that!) We talked about some other things too, but I can't quite remember them.

All I really remember is how big of a fool I felt for basically crying to him the whole time we were talking. I think I saw his eyes getting teary, but who knows. I suppose that's not really what he was looking for when he came to MCAD today to answer a few questions....

So. After that I went home, kind of unknowing of what to do then, after such a dynamic and emotional bit of time. My roommates asked, "So what did you think of him." And, because I was still kind of crying, all I could say was, "I liked him." Boy was THAT an understatement. Goodness. I needed him. It's like God truly answered my prayer on that one. I needed a place to start, and that start came to me. Sigh.

So eventually Charlotte and I walked up to the Wellness Fair to check things out and then we go sit with Ethan. Boy oh boy, it's been a long day. Ethan and I had a GREAT adoration discussion about Thrice and other post-hardcore bands like Thursday and mewithoutYou. Then we all watched Lost, which is always a roller coaster in itself. Then everyone left and I decided to stay behind. This kid Mark? or Matthew? I can't remember...was playing piano and I went over to just spectate and maybe strike up a conversation. He said he plays a little piano, but mainly 9 years of drums. He's 21? now and this is like the third or fourth college he's been to. He was in a band who got a record deal, but apparently they broke up because the lead singer wasn't pulling his weight, wasting his talent. Yeah.

Then he left and I dabbled on the piano while Jamie dabbled with her Media 2 homework, of which I should have been doing. Then, out of nowhere, Tuesday pops up saying she wanted to get a hold of my but couldn't, and heard some piano playing of which she explored and turned out to be me. COOL! The she asks if I want to join her for some pie at Perkins. Being the spontaneous kids we are, we say, "Shore!" And we all venture out. ('Twas Charlotte, Jamie, Tuesday and I.)

We got there and. Well. Tuesday and I get MEGA giggly around one another. Moreso than I think I've ever been with anyone else. And for some reason it's not annoying, it's genuine laughter for no good reason, and it's really healing for me, being in such a cold environment sometimes. So we're all sitting at the booth and after about half an hour with our menus, we order home fries and pies. By the time it gets to our table, Tuesday and I are in a laughing FIT. We seriously cannot stop. And we're never even laughing at any one thing in particular. It's just really goofy laughter. I felt kind of bad because I didn't see Charlotte or Jamie really getting in on it, and I can't imagine the rest of the restaurant was all too happy with our cackling. Nonetheless, it was unstopable -- so unstopable that Tuesday was crying, and we were nearing a puking stage, not to mention the oh-my-god-I'm-going-to-pee stage. It was great!

So after we were done giggling our guts out, we barely got our pie down and then we left. 'Twas a solid evening out. I hadn't been away from the college in a while either, which is always nice, fo sho. Oh and we had a BOGO with the pie, so we brought home slices for the boys. Then I went home with Tuesday and we watched Clarissa Explains it All, something I hadn't seen in AGES. It was great. All around. The style. The Lingo. The Acting. The COLORS. Oh man. Wonderful.

OH and I love their cat Henry.

Then I came home and am sitting in bed when Charlotte asks to use my bathroom. So she came. Now she left. And I'm sitting here again. Very tired, reflecting on my very eventful Wednesday, I wonder what Thursday will hold?

Your Documentor,

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Need Advice!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This is my Poster Design for our Graphic Design class. I need some feedback before class at 1 today. Tell me what you like or what you think I could fix. Yes, I have to have all that info on there. Blah Blah Blah. Just critique it for me please! Preferably before noon....

Monday, February 16, 2009


So today I looked into building my own guitar. I've been dying to work on some personal projects while having the resources here at MCAD. I think this one is a winner.

There are a lot more technical considerations when making an acoustic guitar, thus I have decided to start out making an electric guitar. PLUS. I already have an acoustic and I've wanted my own electric for who knows how long. This way, I can also have the exact look and feel of my guitar. The cost of making a custom guitar is about $3,000-$4,000 cheaper than buying one, so I win there, and the pure satisfaction is worth all the labor.

I've been researching the feasibility of it all day today. It's not too hard. I can buy templates if I so wish, or I can customize every last bit of it. What I think I need to do now is go to a guitar shop and play around on different guitars and write down every aspect I want to put into my guitar, i.e. scale, neck ratio, wood types, glued or bolted neck, tremolos, etc.

In the mean time, I found this video that was SO rad. It's the Gibson Robot Guitar, retailing for $3,999. (You can eBay it for about $1,500, though.) I couldn't believe my eyes. Could I build one of these? Ha...let's stick to a basic guitar.

The more I got thinking about this, too, I started wondering, "Could I do this for a living?" We'll see kids. But I really want this to become a reality. Mm mm mm! So excited!

Go away cold.

Remember that time we drove
Through the June beetles and fog
To lay in the field of green peas
And stare at the stars above
I was cold but didn't care
Cause I was with my two best friends
And we were doing what wanted
In summer that soon would end

We walked on trails
In the humid summer air
Getting lost in a circle
But we didn't care
Because we were together
And nothing bad enough could happen
To make the day unbearable
Or make our smiles bend

We played badminton
We sang songs
We sat on a hill
Until the dewy dawn
We said goodbye
And exchanged hugs
We looked at each other
And knew it wasn't done

Here in the cold winter air
I sit alone
Waiting for the summer to walk by
And to finally go home
I dream of being there
Sitting in your yard
Getting bit by bugs
Waiting out the storm

You're the only people
Who have blinded me
Of all your shortcomings
For the bigger things
I love it when you exaggerate
Or complain with style
I hope to see you soon
Just wait a little while

Just wait a little while longer.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lists out the wazoo!

Lists are great.
Here are some lists of my thoughts.

Number 1 - Prioritizing of To-Do's
1. Drill two more poles of my 3D project
2. Finish Valentines (which are now overdue)
3. Clean Bathroom
4. Make GD Poster
5. Write a Critical Analysis of one of Maurice Sendak's works
6. Make my Anomaly Book and Web Page

Number 2 - Housing Possibilities
I have been considering the many variables of housing next year.
1. Should I be an RA?
2. Should I live on or off campus?
3. How many people should I room with?
4. Who should I room with?
5. Am I even going to MCAD?

I think I can only answer one of those -- at least, as of right now. (But who knows; my mind changes every hour!) The path to changing schools seems nearly unfeasible -- at least, changing to a music school.
1. I would need to practice all summer just to get my lip back.
2. I would need to FIND a school I want to go to, and I have no idea where to begin.
3. Most schools want you to go THERE for an audition, which costs a lot of money and time.
4. Geez, I'd be a freshman all over again, not like that's a real concern though....
All in all, I think I'm pretty set on MCAD for the next three years. Maybe I can do music afterwards? Or at least -- I'll have more free time to maybe take some lessons and/or join a local jazz band or something.

Number 3 - Similarities
1. Liz Cunningham looks like Abby Nelson, with the same haircut and body proportions.
2. Tuesday Bassen smells like Madison Magness, and they both have relations with Irish dancing.
3. Ethan Holbrook and Nathan Miller are both tall and lanky, and are my really great friends.
4. Charlotte Ferguson reminds me of Audrey Tatou, probably cause they're very French, except Charlotte has hobbit hair.
5. Marissa Lundin reminds me of Leslie Feist. Always has, always will.

Number 4 - Extra Thoughts
I have many ideas and projects I'd like to work on outside of homework. It kind of gets me motivated to finish my assignments so I can use my true free time to complete things I love.
Unfinished Ideas to Use:
1. Collage more
2. Play with photo transfers on different papers
3. Get some polaroid film/Take pictures
4. Play on the Wacom screens
5. Get some fabric and more strings for multimedia work
6. Do some insane photo editing

Also, I have decided that next semester I'm going to have drawers and cabinets galore. I have so many papers and pens and THINGS that need a home, but end up being stacked or tucked or stashed away in a place they don't belong.

Also, I need a pencil bag. Anyone going to a craft store anytime soon? I need a ride!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

After Another Watch

Did anyone else notice the progression of art movements in the WALL-E credits? From cave art to Da Vinci to Van Gogh? It's all there! So great.

P.S. Happy Valentines Day!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thoughtful Thursdays

This morning I woke up very happily. With nothing but love for everyone, I have decided to make my Valentines on this free day of mine. It's collaging time! Here are a few inspirations:

Above came from The Purl Bee, a great knitting place.

Above is a random one found on Google. I'm considering wax sealing.

Above is Micah Lidberg's award-winning Valentine from the MCAD contest a few years ago. I've always adored this card, not to mention his work, even if I never told him. :)
P.S. Your Sparrows are still hanging proudly at home!

Dear MCAD Friends! Assuming I actually get these done today, I will most likely be stuffing them in your school mailbox, so be on the lookout!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Business Office Rambling

Charlotte and I have agreed that this semester's schedule is great. I basically stumble and go,go,GO for two days out of the week, and then I just chill and lay back the other five days. It's amazingly easy to get through those two days because I can always see the end in sight, very nearby.

This particular Tuesday, my first busy day of the week, was rather cathartic. I woke up at 7 to finish some 3D work on my problematic foam trumpet. The primer still hadn't dried, so I couldn't spray paint it and finish it with ample time before class. Thus, I went to Art History where, for the first time, staying awake proved difficult towards the end. Afterwards I went home, totally downed a sandwich, and then headed to the 3D shop. I was hoping I'd dodge Gary and sneak into the spray booth, but as soon as I came down the stairs in the shop, he was there, and asked if I had finished. I explained to him that it would be done by the end of class, and he was chill.

Now that I had that out of the way, I scrambled to make my three models for our wood project before class started. They were atrocious. As I looked around, so were everyone else's. I didn't feel so bad. We all presented and it was alright. Once again I made it through on a thread. Things always come through for me one way or another.

Then we started on our wood projects, diving in head first. I have a hard time getting starting on projects sometimes, but once I get going my momentum is outrageous. I learned how to use the oh-so-frightening hack saw and cut all my poles at weird angles for le coat rack. Then I did a billion lines of measurement for the film holes, and then I took a chicken break with Charlotte.

When I came back the guys in the shop helped me make a jig to use on the drill press, and with that I learned how to use a nail gun. Then I learned how to use the drill press, and I drilled my little heart out! I started around 4:30 and was drilling, drilling, drilling. Everyone started cleaning up around 5:30, but I just felt like continuing, so I did. Class ended and I was still drilling holes. The Pats turned on Iron and Wine and at that point I didn't want to leave for a while. After I finished the pole I was one, I packed up, very satisfied, and left for nappage.

When I got home I turned on the tv and "Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown" was on, but wasn't coming through very well. I REALLY felt like watching it for no good reason, so I turned it on in my Netflix and started watching. Soon my eyelids became heavier and heavier and just dozed off in my chair. I woke up and slunked over to my bed, where I stayed until about 9:30.

My fucking quacks on the computer woke me up; they were going absolute nuts at one point. So I slunked back over to the chair where I chatted with Charlotte and Tuesday and we agreed to do some GD collaging in the college center. (That was a good alliteration!) I finally drug myself up there and we unloaded all our supplies. We complained that this was Kelly's process, and we didn't really like making six posters. We thought three would be sufficient, especially since this wasn't the final product. Little did we know, as we kept going and the fifth and six posters poured out, the process actually started working, and I barely wanted to stop! I got on a roll and found some good angles for my posters.

Six hours later, at four in the morning, we finished and trekked home. I was pooped, but REALLY thrilled with the creative process I went through all day. I showered and went to bed on quite the high. I woke up around 7:30 and couldn't go back to sleep, so I rolled around bed until I had to get dressed and come work at the Business Office. I'm not doing anything today. In fact all I've done was find ONE file. That took me like three minutes. So basically I'm getting paid to blog right now. I kind of love this place. Ha

Oh and Miguel gave me a delicious chocolate muffin.
It's going to be a good day.

P.S. I don't understand why people asked to be "buzzed in" at the business office. I'm pretty sure the door makes a clicking noise rather than anything resembling a buzz.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Sundizzle fo Shizzle

Those are by Blake Loosli. (I added in the lovechild business -- it's true!) Charlotte introduced me to him. Love his work! I'm trying to find more artists I like. I don't know enough to name drop at all, which seems to be popular at MCAD.

Today I started looking into Private Music Schools. I know -- it's scary; it's not MCAD. It's not that I don't like MCAD, it's just I don't know if I like music more. I miss it on a daily basis. I feel like I want to try it on for size and see if it's where I truly belong.
Thus I emailed my high school band director and one of the other teachers I had who specialized in trombone. I want to study classical AND jazz. I can't imagine choosing between the two. If I REALLY had to, I suppose I'd pick jazz, simply because I adore the bass trombone and it's crazy fun parts in jazz music.
I feel like it's one of those things I'm always going to wonder about. Like I'll always wish I tried. If anything, I can come back to MCAD. No big deal. I'll be a semester or a year behind my peers, but that doesn't really matter. But at least then I'll KNOW.
I think to myself, "Self, you do art now, but you can't live without music. If you did music now, you could probably live without art." Now I feel like that's saying a lot. All my art projects seem to involve music somehow. I drew twelve tambourines for my Drawing Final. I made a trumpet out of foam for 3D. I did multiple sound pieces for Media and 2D.

I'm so indecisive right now.

Besides that.
I sat in my pjs the entire day, in this chair, on the computer. I did write my autobiography finally. And spackled and glue my trumpet more. I was more profitable than yesterday, in a sense. I love that I can be in my pjs all day and it doesn't matter.


In the words of my grandma,
Mange takk.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Fart Blossoms

Favorite Colo(u)r

Apparently I really like to eat orange things.
Today for lunch I had:

And it was delicious.

Today's Activities:
Dawdle around, pretend I'm doing homework.
Go to Home Depot with Breezy to get some Pine.
Walk to the Electric Fetus and get P.O.S' new album
and buy tickets to his concert on the 28th.
Party with the bros.

Find places for everything in my room.
Get that extension cord plugged in.
Possibly rearrange le room.
Do some work on le Foam Trumpet.
Finish thy Autobiography.
Homework, Homework, Homework
Get something mailed.

I think today is going to be a good day.


REALLY great.
We're going to see P.O.S at First Ave on the 28th.
Everyone should come.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Andy Bernard

I have decided that Ed Helms has one of the best smiles ever.

She's the Best

Thursday, February 05, 2009


My conclusion is that all things Delta suck eggs.

My kitchen sink faucets.

Delta Airlines.

And Delta Woods Middle School.



Wednesday, February 04, 2009

25 Words or Phrases

tear it up


paper folding



Monday, February 02, 2009


I like typing funetikly.

I also like the word phonetically.

Furthermore (that's my favorite additive transition) I love my family. This is the first weekend where I really felt like I belonged with my relatives. They have so many traits that make me think, "OH. So that's why I am the way I am."
For egzampuhlah.
I'm loud because of my mom and her side, yet I'm very reserved when it comes to unfamiliar situations because of my dad's side. I really appreciated getting able to see my mom with her brother and my dad with his brother. The siblings. Sigh.
It was a good weekend.
Family is probably my best medicine.
For the first time I think I can say that I want to see my family more than my friends and REALLY REALLY mean that.
(My dear friends fear not; you are still on quite the high pedestal!)

Life is good.
Besides all the good family-feelings,
Daddy bought me a whole toolbox of goodies for 3D.
Mommy bought me shoeS and groceries and needed things.
And I should never doubt my pals. (Here and at home.)

Now if only I could get that homework altogether.

P.S. I love it when Charlotte whistles. I don't think I've ever met someone who inadvertently whistles as much as I.

Sunday, February 01, 2009


I got photos.
Daddy is the one on the bottom right.
Family is phenomenal.

P.S. My aunt just said, "Fart Blossoms!"
She needs to join our anti-cursing club.