Monday, February 23, 2009

Great Finds, Great Work, Great Sunday

'Twas a great and profitable day in the life of Sarah Julson. She woke up after a lovely girls' night in and could not be angry at her grogginess for her contentment superseded it all. The plan for the day was to attend Fellowship with Breezy, journey to the local hardware store to purchase some parts, and then return to school where she would finish her 3D project. However, things did not go as Sarah planned....

Dressed and ready to go, Sarah sat awaiting Breezy's arrival. The clock was ticking and the minutes were passing, yet no sign of Breezy. Suddenly her phone received a text message telling of her ride's great misfortune; Breezy's car was towed! Fellowship was cancelled, but they still planned to go to the hardware store. Sarah, in the mean time, decided to doze into dreaming again.

At exactly twelve o'clock Sarah's eyes peeped open and she yawned herself awake. Coincidentally she then received a text message from Breezy asking if she was ready to go to the hardware store. Perfect timing! So they went and bought all their goods and then, treated by Breezy, they feasted at Baja Sol. The salsa bar fancied Sarah's tastebuds to the most extreme. She had never experienced such divine Mexican sauces! After they sighed a great sigh of satisfaction, they returned to MCAD.

Sarah went into her apartment, grabbed her toolbox and backpack, and headed into the dungeon of doom, aka the shop. She worked for hours (nine to be exact!), sanding and gluing and staining. She almost finished, but one tricky little set of poles would not stay together. After multiple failed attempts she stained everything and decided to finish it the next day. Thankfully Sarah didn't wait until Monday; it was all due Tuesday!

She eventually trudged home and had a much-needed heart-to-heart with her mommy on the phone. While they chatted her tummy growled like a great big lion! Sarah remembered she hadn't eaten since the delicious Baja Sol all day. Thus she improvised ingredients and cooked up some of the best sloppy joes she had ever tasted. Her roommates were jealous, but she didn't feel like sharing; the leftovers would be all too satisfying.

After doing the dishes she wrote in her blog and took a shower.

The end.

Note from the Author:
Obviously the ending of this story has not come to past yet. However, I do plan on showering. (Let's keep our fingers crossed!)

Furthermore (Epilogue):
While waiting for her fruitless efforts of gluing to dry, Sarah accompanied Marissa in the library. Marissa inspired her to check out some of the Children's Literature books, which Sarah had also been meaning to check out for her Maurice Sendak class. She found some great gems, including children's books, children's literature informational books, and a tiny book of William Blake's poetry, and left with nine, count NINE, books in total.

She really enjoyed one C.S. Lewis quote she found:
"A children's story is the best art form for something you have to say."

I miss Narnia.

Big P.S.
I took a shower, applaud me, please, and I declared one thing:
Juggling soap is the world's worst feeling.

Additionally (taken from a sticky note of thoughts I wrote randomly when I woke up from sleep last night),
I declared my sock-thing's name. I present to you my dear friend B├╝bert.

He would like me to tell you about my fun fact learned yesterday. Charlotte A. Ferguson presented to me the proof that farts will propel one in outer space.

Also written down in my sleep:
I will sit in the willow tree,
I am seated in the heavenlies.

Dream Record:
I was helping my grandma tend her garden. Everyone stopped by to see us and said to my grandma, "You love that garden so much. You always did." And then she passed away and it was my duty to keep the garden alive. I don't know how much that speaks to reality, but I woke up with a great desire to follow in my grandma's and mom's footsteps to become a tender gardener.

Truism 1,000,000,001:
Things are to be used, people are to be loved.

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Marissa Lundin said...

Whoa, did you consult your dream book?!

I think 9 is your number! lol