Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thoughtful Thursdays

This morning I woke up very happily. With nothing but love for everyone, I have decided to make my Valentines on this free day of mine. It's collaging time! Here are a few inspirations:

Above came from The Purl Bee, a great knitting place.

Above is a random one found on Google. I'm considering wax sealing.

Above is Micah Lidberg's award-winning Valentine from the MCAD contest a few years ago. I've always adored this card, not to mention his work, even if I never told him. :)
P.S. Your Sparrows are still hanging proudly at home!

Dear MCAD Friends! Assuming I actually get these done today, I will most likely be stuffing them in your school mailbox, so be on the lookout!