Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Business Office Rambling

Charlotte and I have agreed that this semester's schedule is great. I basically stumble and go,go,GO for two days out of the week, and then I just chill and lay back the other five days. It's amazingly easy to get through those two days because I can always see the end in sight, very nearby.

This particular Tuesday, my first busy day of the week, was rather cathartic. I woke up at 7 to finish some 3D work on my problematic foam trumpet. The primer still hadn't dried, so I couldn't spray paint it and finish it with ample time before class. Thus, I went to Art History where, for the first time, staying awake proved difficult towards the end. Afterwards I went home, totally downed a sandwich, and then headed to the 3D shop. I was hoping I'd dodge Gary and sneak into the spray booth, but as soon as I came down the stairs in the shop, he was there, and asked if I had finished. I explained to him that it would be done by the end of class, and he was chill.

Now that I had that out of the way, I scrambled to make my three models for our wood project before class started. They were atrocious. As I looked around, so were everyone else's. I didn't feel so bad. We all presented and it was alright. Once again I made it through on a thread. Things always come through for me one way or another.

Then we started on our wood projects, diving in head first. I have a hard time getting starting on projects sometimes, but once I get going my momentum is outrageous. I learned how to use the oh-so-frightening hack saw and cut all my poles at weird angles for le coat rack. Then I did a billion lines of measurement for the film holes, and then I took a chicken break with Charlotte.

When I came back the guys in the shop helped me make a jig to use on the drill press, and with that I learned how to use a nail gun. Then I learned how to use the drill press, and I drilled my little heart out! I started around 4:30 and was drilling, drilling, drilling. Everyone started cleaning up around 5:30, but I just felt like continuing, so I did. Class ended and I was still drilling holes. The Pats turned on Iron and Wine and at that point I didn't want to leave for a while. After I finished the pole I was one, I packed up, very satisfied, and left for nappage.

When I got home I turned on the tv and "Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown" was on, but wasn't coming through very well. I REALLY felt like watching it for no good reason, so I turned it on in my Netflix and started watching. Soon my eyelids became heavier and heavier and just dozed off in my chair. I woke up and slunked over to my bed, where I stayed until about 9:30.

My fucking quacks on the computer woke me up; they were going absolute nuts at one point. So I slunked back over to the chair where I chatted with Charlotte and Tuesday and we agreed to do some GD collaging in the college center. (That was a good alliteration!) I finally drug myself up there and we unloaded all our supplies. We complained that this was Kelly's process, and we didn't really like making six posters. We thought three would be sufficient, especially since this wasn't the final product. Little did we know, as we kept going and the fifth and six posters poured out, the process actually started working, and I barely wanted to stop! I got on a roll and found some good angles for my posters.

Six hours later, at four in the morning, we finished and trekked home. I was pooped, but REALLY thrilled with the creative process I went through all day. I showered and went to bed on quite the high. I woke up around 7:30 and couldn't go back to sleep, so I rolled around bed until I had to get dressed and come work at the Business Office. I'm not doing anything today. In fact all I've done was find ONE file. That took me like three minutes. So basically I'm getting paid to blog right now. I kind of love this place. Ha

Oh and Miguel gave me a delicious chocolate muffin.
It's going to be a good day.

P.S. I don't understand why people asked to be "buzzed in" at the business office. I'm pretty sure the door makes a clicking noise rather than anything resembling a buzz.

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