Monday, February 09, 2009

Sundizzle fo Shizzle

Those are by Blake Loosli. (I added in the lovechild business -- it's true!) Charlotte introduced me to him. Love his work! I'm trying to find more artists I like. I don't know enough to name drop at all, which seems to be popular at MCAD.

Today I started looking into Private Music Schools. I know -- it's scary; it's not MCAD. It's not that I don't like MCAD, it's just I don't know if I like music more. I miss it on a daily basis. I feel like I want to try it on for size and see if it's where I truly belong.
Thus I emailed my high school band director and one of the other teachers I had who specialized in trombone. I want to study classical AND jazz. I can't imagine choosing between the two. If I REALLY had to, I suppose I'd pick jazz, simply because I adore the bass trombone and it's crazy fun parts in jazz music.
I feel like it's one of those things I'm always going to wonder about. Like I'll always wish I tried. If anything, I can come back to MCAD. No big deal. I'll be a semester or a year behind my peers, but that doesn't really matter. But at least then I'll KNOW.
I think to myself, "Self, you do art now, but you can't live without music. If you did music now, you could probably live without art." Now I feel like that's saying a lot. All my art projects seem to involve music somehow. I drew twelve tambourines for my Drawing Final. I made a trumpet out of foam for 3D. I did multiple sound pieces for Media and 2D.

I'm so indecisive right now.

Besides that.
I sat in my pjs the entire day, in this chair, on the computer. I did write my autobiography finally. And spackled and glue my trumpet more. I was more profitable than yesterday, in a sense. I love that I can be in my pjs all day and it doesn't matter.


In the words of my grandma,
Mange takk.


Marissa Lundin said...

Goodness! You should totally go for it, not to say I don't want you to leave MCAD! :o( But if you already know that's the direction you should be going in, then what's stopping you!

Besides, who says you can't do both!?

Sara said...

I agree with Marissa. You are ultra talented in music and art. It's probably not a good idea to leave such important questions unanswered. If you decide to go, I will miss you greatly, for you are a fancy bit of sunshine and a wonderful friend.

Good luck sweets.


nina said...

name dropping is the only tool you will ever need.