Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lists out the wazoo!

Lists are great.
Here are some lists of my thoughts.

Number 1 - Prioritizing of To-Do's
1. Drill two more poles of my 3D project
2. Finish Valentines (which are now overdue)
3. Clean Bathroom
4. Make GD Poster
5. Write a Critical Analysis of one of Maurice Sendak's works
6. Make my Anomaly Book and Web Page

Number 2 - Housing Possibilities
I have been considering the many variables of housing next year.
1. Should I be an RA?
2. Should I live on or off campus?
3. How many people should I room with?
4. Who should I room with?
5. Am I even going to MCAD?

I think I can only answer one of those -- at least, as of right now. (But who knows; my mind changes every hour!) The path to changing schools seems nearly unfeasible -- at least, changing to a music school.
1. I would need to practice all summer just to get my lip back.
2. I would need to FIND a school I want to go to, and I have no idea where to begin.
3. Most schools want you to go THERE for an audition, which costs a lot of money and time.
4. Geez, I'd be a freshman all over again, not like that's a real concern though....
All in all, I think I'm pretty set on MCAD for the next three years. Maybe I can do music afterwards? Or at least -- I'll have more free time to maybe take some lessons and/or join a local jazz band or something.

Number 3 - Similarities
1. Liz Cunningham looks like Abby Nelson, with the same haircut and body proportions.
2. Tuesday Bassen smells like Madison Magness, and they both have relations with Irish dancing.
3. Ethan Holbrook and Nathan Miller are both tall and lanky, and are my really great friends.
4. Charlotte Ferguson reminds me of Audrey Tatou, probably cause they're very French, except Charlotte has hobbit hair.
5. Marissa Lundin reminds me of Leslie Feist. Always has, always will.

Number 4 - Extra Thoughts
I have many ideas and projects I'd like to work on outside of homework. It kind of gets me motivated to finish my assignments so I can use my true free time to complete things I love.
Unfinished Ideas to Use:
1. Collage more
2. Play with photo transfers on different papers
3. Get some polaroid film/Take pictures
4. Play on the Wacom screens
5. Get some fabric and more strings for multimedia work
6. Do some insane photo editing

Also, I have decided that next semester I'm going to have drawers and cabinets galore. I have so many papers and pens and THINGS that need a home, but end up being stacked or tucked or stashed away in a place they don't belong.

Also, I need a pencil bag. Anyone going to a craft store anytime soon? I need a ride!


charlotte ferguson said...

HOBBIT HAIR -- thank you


Marissa Lundin said...

Nice lists! I just wish I could sing as well as she does!

Also, whenever you abbreviate "graphic design" it sounds like you are taking the Lord's name in vain and you really hate your assignment! lol!!!!!

tuesday bassen said...

I just found this! I want to smell your friend!