Monday, February 16, 2009

Go away cold.

Remember that time we drove
Through the June beetles and fog
To lay in the field of green peas
And stare at the stars above
I was cold but didn't care
Cause I was with my two best friends
And we were doing what wanted
In summer that soon would end

We walked on trails
In the humid summer air
Getting lost in a circle
But we didn't care
Because we were together
And nothing bad enough could happen
To make the day unbearable
Or make our smiles bend

We played badminton
We sang songs
We sat on a hill
Until the dewy dawn
We said goodbye
And exchanged hugs
We looked at each other
And knew it wasn't done

Here in the cold winter air
I sit alone
Waiting for the summer to walk by
And to finally go home
I dream of being there
Sitting in your yard
Getting bit by bugs
Waiting out the storm

You're the only people
Who have blinded me
Of all your shortcomings
For the bigger things
I love it when you exaggerate
Or complain with style
I hope to see you soon
Just wait a little while

Just wait a little while longer.

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