Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Finished Wood Project

Disclaimer: The angle the photo was taken at makes the top half appear
larger than the bottom, although they are equal in reality.

The idea of this piece was to take the aesthetics of camera film and mix it with the functionality of a coat rack. I achieved this by drilling holes every half-inch down each side of each pole to look like the film. Then I joined each set of four poles in the middle with a Lazy Susan ball bearing piece, increasing the functionality of the coat rack. The two sets of poles were inverted, one on top of the other, to mirror the idea of negatives in the dark room process. A dark, natural stain was chosen to dramatize the natural material as well as highlight the idea of the film.

(I would've posted this straight to my blog, but it's copyrighted....)


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Sara said...

I saw your gorgeous coat rack today!! So beautiful!!

What's with the Beyonce??