Monday, January 11, 2010

Monopoly, Mall Rats, Chili's, Avatar

You know, sometimes I get so used to my own lingo that I forget that the people listening have no idea what the hell I'm saying. Oops!

In other news,
things have been swell since I've been home.

I played a delightful game of Disney Villains Monopoly with Jayme and Jaclyn. Devoured Papa Johns. Stayed up too late for my own good.

Picked up Pongs, scrounged some 'scream, and went shopping.
Originally going to sneak on Janessa at the mall, great deals superseded our plans. We bought shoes and shirts and skirts of all shapes and colors, and had such a great time we were actually giggly about it after the fact. Realizing it was the first time we had ever really shopped like that together, we declared the day satisfactory and parted our ways.
Later in the evening good old DVS caught up on life at Chili's. We discussed secret adventures, boys, college, growing up, and everything else one can imagine. Two buffalo ranch sandwiches and eight boneless wings later, we said goodnight with plans for the morrow.

Woke up and craved a Disney movie. I laid in bed thinking of Netflix's lack of Instant Play Disney movies, and thus rolled into the living room to check the U-verse guide. To my surprise, both WALL-E and Monsters Inc. were playing. With a fond memory of seeing the latter in theaters with my father, I watched Sulley's gorgeous purple and aqua fur scare across the screen.
Contented, I continued on to watch Prince Caspian, but was far-from-rudely interrupted by a call from my dear friend Marissa. We talked for nearly an hour about all that should be discussed, and then I checked it off my To-Do list. It was just as we had left off before, saying goodbye to one another while Peter said farewell to the Narnians.
Not much sooner DVS headed to AMC 20 to see Avatar. I was impressed with the 3D glasses, but was disappointed that I didn't bring my camera. The movie itself was entertaining, and surely eyecandy, but I felt like the storyline didn't require 3 hours to unfold, nor was it all too original. I fear telling this to my sister, and about 90% of the rest of Avatar's viewers, but at least I know Peter will agree with me.

The rest of the week:
I am to shop with my mom for some shoes and a new coat, pick up my stored art work from a coffee shop, and teach her how to do computer things. I would also like to have at least one more hangout with the gang before I head to my other home, MCAD, on Thursday. Then we begin the journey of semester #4, finding a job, and possibly even finding a house.

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