Friday, January 08, 2010

Home from Florida

PeterPeter showed this to me; I love it!

In other news, I'm back in Blue Springs.
The p-units are already asleep and I'm still jammin.
Today was a blasty blast though. Let me tell you all about it!

After waking up to "My Girls", I packed up everything and we (my sister, Mike, Nate, and myself) went to the Sponge Docks. It was founded by the Greeks back in the 1800s or some time, and it's...well...based of sea sponges. There were tons of gift shops with sea goodies and sea stories, all mingled in with legit Grecian restaurants.

When we finally got there we had to eat immediately and went into this little place for some instant satisfaction. The waitress even looked Greek (probably was) and Rachel Ray gave the place a thumbs up! So far so good! I ordered the Gyros Platter, complete with salad and Greek boiled potatoes. OH MY GOD. Melt in my mooooouth! It was some of the best food I've ever inhaled. And it was so filling! I should've have been able to eat all of it, but because I knew I couldn't take leftovers on the plane, I knew I had to get it all down. Boy was it rough walking around after that!

We went into multiple shops; it was obviously touristy, all containing pretty much the same things. I got this glass thing with a jellyfish lodged inside it. Also bought a few sand dollars, a sea cookie, and some star fish. Don't know what I'll do with them, but it seemed a shame to go to Florida and bring none of the beach back with me.

Then we headed to the airport, with a good chunk of time to spare. The team came in and sat with me for a while, only to find out my flight was delayed another 40 minutes. Thus, we decided to complete our music project. You see, the previous day Nate, Mike, and I made a little ditty combining all our activities and inside jokes from the vacation. It was pretty hip and happenin, so we decided to finish it out by making a music video in the airport. Boy oh boy. I can't wait to show everyone! It's going to be phenooom once it's done.

After some solid hugs and a longing goodbye, I got on the tram and headed out to the terminal. I was a lucky one, receiving both a random security check and a rummage through my suitcase. My bag was so jam packed that everything was spilling out when the lady opened it. I said, "Good luck!" when she went to close it. Sucker.

Then I boarded and had a nice roomie seat in the Emergency Exit row. All was swell until this drunk couple decided to be rowdy for all three hours of the flight. They received so many dirty looks. I don't even think they noticed one, though. When we landed, all the passengers looked at each other, acknowledging the thankfulness we collectively had to rid of these nincompoops.

My parents picked me up and we drove home through the snowy 3 degrees. I almost forgot what cold felt like! My mom made some broccoli and cheese soup and all was right in the home. Now I'm making a list of things to do before I go to school, including hanging out with everyone this weekend before they all head out to start their semesters. I'm excited to go back to MCAD, but Florida was a huge competitor. And it took no time at all for that to sink in.

'Twill be an interesting semester,

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