Saturday, January 23, 2010

First Week o' School

Thus begins the review of the first week of school.

After disappointment, much butt-kissing, and attending seven classes, I have finally figured out my schedule for the semester. First things first, I switched into Web and Screen with Travis on Tuesdays. I'm happy about that because it's his last semester teaching here, and he's been one of my favorites at MCAD. Beforehand I had History of Animation. My teacher reminds me of Gary Livedalen, and that makes him more fun to listen to.

Wednesdays were supposed to be my busy day, with three classes from 9:30 am to 9 pm. The Writer's Workshop in the morning looks super helpful and thought-provoking. It's really the first creative writing class I've taken, so the products should be very satisfying. My Stop Motion class was off to a great start. The teacher is hilarious and my classmates will be fun to work with. I was waitlisted, however, and no decision was made until Thursday night, where Schell emailed me and I did make it into the class. I was also waitlisted for my Sci-Fi and Fantasy Writing Class. Didn't get in, but I wanted and still want to be in that class so badly! When he said, "Let's consider Hobbits..." I was sold. He also brought up the idea of "what if?" and that has already triggered a ton of stuff in my mind. Specifically the idea of -- what if we said all our thoughts? There's so much to go along with that that I can't even explain it all right now.

Thursday morning I talked with my advisor, Dave Novak, to talk about my waitlisted classes (this was before I had found out if I made it into the classes or not.) There wasn't much he could do about it, which I kind of knew, but my teachers had suggested we all talk with our advisors. Whatevs. Then I went to student affairs to see what my choices were as far as alternate classes. It was looking poor if I hadn't made it into the Stop Motion class. But there was a class I was interested in to take place of my Sci-Fi class, and that was Great American Directors, which I found out Alyssa was already enrolled.

Later I attended my Sound for Film class. I'm super stoked to think of sound in non-musical terms, and the fact that you can really create a character through sound. I love that idea! Just in the first day, I couldn't believe that all animation majors weren't required to take this course. It's HUGE. Sound in films is vital -- music too, obviously. I'm the only animation kid in there, too. And I thought that was super interesting, realizing how much of snobs film majors can be about movies. Rightfully so...but DAMN! I don't dare talk about a popular movie unless it's Avatar. Then I know we're all on the same page for sure.

So Friday morning I attended the Great American Directors class. Basically we watch a series of movies from the 60s-80s and discuss them in class. Have two tests and a fifteen-page research paper. The paper is daunting, but at least I know work from week to week will be relatively enjoyable -- especially on top of the other 15 credits.

Then we had the Welcome Back Weiners and Club Fair. It was a pretty slow time. But I want to do a lot more for Recess Club this semester. I'm very aware at how much I lagged last semester, but I'm going to be way more proactive this time around. I want to go ice skating, tubing, sledding, laser tagging, and just other things off campus. Hopefully we can make more Recess News videos too! :)

In the afternoon, Sara and I had planned on getting things done. That didn't work. We pretty much just hugged the afternoon away. During a more awkward hug, Maintenance knocked on the door and we giggled a ton. That was so silly. Later Carl came over. He worked on comics and I fell asleep on the couch. Then Sara and I hugged some more. Hahaha

After all the snuggling, we went to the Gallery Opening to score some free food. Delish. Then we trekked over to EPC's for Bananigrams and Conan. Charlotte and I had a good catch-up convo about life. I almost cried watching Conan. And then we started for home.

Owen was the first out the door. He stepped on one step and fell down the rest. It was a HARD fall too. The ice was a death trap! I felt so bad for him! But after we got down the stairs it was just kind of funny. After all the thawing of the day, the night had frozen the sidewalks and streets. If you stood still and there was a slope -- you'd be rolling down it. At one point Audrey's feet started sliding apart and she practically did the splits. I started laughing so much that (going to be honest here...) I peed a little. Hahahaha It was the best walk home ever! The boys were obviously strolling around like they lived on ice. I just took it one scoot at a time. I had never experienced that before! So fuuuuuun.

Alright, that's a satisfactory recap.


marakevyn said...

oh my god Conan was amazing. I miss you! said...

I am going to pretend that I was in the middle of all those hugs!