Monday, March 15, 2010

Ax Man, Galactic Pizza, The Ghost Writer

Another beautiful spring day in Minneapolis, and how did I spend it? With my girls of course! Alyssa, Michelle and I began our sunglassed afternoon with a stop at Ax Man to splurge on Stop Motion materials. I left with $22 worth of wooden poles, bungee rope, and magnets. I hadn't realized it was bungee rope.

Then we stopped in at Galactic Pizza for a 12" Hipster and a few tall glasses of Mountain Dew. Feta cheese won over my taste buds once again.

"He can't drown two ghost writers; you're not kittens!"

With full tummies we legally parked and briskly entered the Uptown Theater to see Polanski's new film The Ghost Writer. I knew nothing of it except the fact that it was required for my Great American Film Directors class, where we recently studied the works of Roman Polanski. To my very pleasant surprise Ewan McGregor starred as the Ghost Writer himself, and made the movie more enjoyable than otherwise! It was, in every way, a Polanski film and I would recommend it very highly.

On our way home I declared, "I'm going to go home and scratch my foot."
Michelle observed, "There's a dog in that car and he's looking at me."
Alyssa laughed an Alyssa laugh.
We're a brilliant bunch.