Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Registration, Earth Day, Task Party

Things I did today:

1. Registered for classes!
I finally met Piotr Szyhalski (my advisor) and totally love the guy! After figuring out registration he offered to have me in during his office hours to review my work and see what I'm interested in, what I've done, etc. That really meant a lot to me; I really need some direction! AND he got Bernard to allow me to take Motion Graphics without all the pre-reqs, which I'll take another semester, but I'm so stoked about that!

Classes I'm enrolled in:
Virtual Environment (making video games!)
Advanced Web + Screen
Mobile Device Platform Development (making iPhone Apps!)
The Body Eclectic
Gender, Art, and Society
The Five Senses

2. Earth Day!
Shishkabobs, multiple games of four square, stilt-walkers, DJs, sunburns, typefaces, wonderful!

3. Made a morph animation.

4. Task party!
Oliver Herring hosted one of his famous Task parties in the MCAD College Center and I simply attended out of curiosity. And it was a total blast!

At said party I:
Danced wildly around the DJ
Slow motion fun
Started a revolution to play "Single Ladies"
Made a blue belt and giant biceps
Blew up
Made a 6 ft pillar out of trash
Marker war
Learned how to swing dance
Caught glitter herpes

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