Saturday, January 16, 2010

Reunion, DVS Breakfast, Orientation

The last few days have been a doozy! Nonstop partying since Wednesday night.

The Lowdown

All day Wednesday I had been shopping with my mom to prepare for the return to MCAD. I was already pooped to the max by 6, but there was no time for that! I headed to the Reynolds ASAP. I hung out with the fam for a bit, then decided to finally muster up the courage to reunite with some old friends. We drove out to Cristina's, and, to my surprise, nothing had changed. It's like no time had passed at all. And then, on a whim, we decided to go see Layla.

Honestly, I was a bit nervous, though I knew there wasn't much to be nervous about. It's just -- well, Time is a funny thing. So all four of us were there together again, talking about the same old things. In the slightest, I wish I was just hanging out with Layla alone; being older and out of high school lends for a much different conversation. With Cristina and Erin there, the only thing we could all really talk about was Band. And don't get me wrong, I love reminiscing, but as of late, it's been unsatisfactory to only talk about that one thing in our past, and nothing in the current.

At that moment I became extremely thankful for my friends here at MCAD, and the way we all analyze and debate and discuss...everything! And it's all purely for the sake of conversation, never to prove anything right or wrong. It's just good conversation. I love the way these art kids think -- most of the time. Hahah

So to continue, I finally got home around 2, but couldn't sleep til much later. Normally I wouldn't have cared, but I had breakfast plans with DVS before I left for Mpls. Around 9 we trekked to the Corner Cafe for biscuits and gravy. And egg. Haha I love Janessa and Brittany. They're like the only people at home anymore that are at the same stage of life as I am, it's nice to talk with them. I like my older friends, yes, and my younger ones, too, but there's a great commaraderie with people one's own age.

After I got home from breakfast, I took a nap with Mikey and Tootsie on my parents' bed. It was absolutely delightful (enough so to blog about!) Then I packed everything up and waited for the 'rents to return from work. We finally got out the door around 2:30, on time for the Julsons -- only an hour and a half after our initial departure plans. We listened to HP6 on audiobook the whole way to school, but I slept for most of it.

We got in around 10:30. Unloaded swiftly and then parted our ways. It's always sad saying bye to my parents, especially my mom. She still gets all teary-eyed. But it's life! And after settling in a tiny bit, we three new roomies went to 301 for some reuniting. All was well and happy. After a while we came home and tried to sleep. Audrey and I were so hot (because of our stoopid radiators) and awake that we just chatted for a couple of hours. So silly!

Very difficultly we woke up the next morning for Orientation. It wasn't as good as the fall's, but that was to be expected. I loved seeing everyone and getting to meet all the new students. They seem like a really cool bunch. Later in the evening we went bowling, where which we ate tons of cheesey bread and chips and salsa. Afterwards everyone came back to our apartment and we watched Alien. Well -- they watched Alien, I dozed in the chair. We continued on to talk for a couple of ours and then all headed to bed. I think I was the last asleep, but love being so.

Today we woke up to a beautiful day and will be going to the art shanties this afternoon. It's great having no real plans and no homework! find some work study....

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