Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Pixar, RA, LCAD, & Summer Plans

Thought Vomit Commence!

Today I mailed out my demo reel and application for the Pixar Technical Undergraduate Program. (It's a ten-week program for undergrad students looking to go into art/computer science, and basically you go to Pixar and learn Pixar for the summer. BOSS!) I also found out that it would fulfill my internship credit for MCAD, even though it's not an internship; Pixar is just that prestigious. Score! I'm so thankful to have all that completed.

Recently I was encouraged by several peers and staff to apply for the RA position (of which I wasn't planning to take part in because of my tentative plans to study at LCAD next year), so I picked up the packet and am looking for that opportunity to open up! If I get Pixar and the RA position, there's a solid chance I won't look towards LCAD. Pixar would offer me TONS of extra experience, and saving money with the RA position would really help out my parents.

On the other hand, if I don't get Pixar, LCAD is always a possibility, but I was also considering living with my sister, Mike, and Nate in Florida for the summer. I can never find work in Missouri, I'm not sure if I want to stay in Minneapolis over the summer, and I always wanted to live with my sister, so it doesn't seem like a bad idea! Once I realized that Missouri isn't such a necessity, things got a lot more open, to say the least.

I've noticed that housing has been a HUGE problem to figure out for most everyone here at MCAD. Almost all the pals are planning on studying abroad in the Spring, but nothing is final, so we don't know whether to live on or off campus, who to live with, etc. As of right now, I'm a-okay with living on-campus. Let's see who I can convince.

Life is busy, busy, busy.
I won't fill you in on the smaller details,
'cause I'm sure you already know if you really care to know!

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