Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunny Spring, Karen's Visit, RA Awesomeness

The last few days have been so classically wonderful that I deemed them necessary to report.

Morning class, blah blah. In the afternoon Carl, Sara and I watched The Time Traveler's Wife and balled our eyes out. Afterward we met Charlotte outside to play four square. It was one of those Hey Arnold situations where all the neighborhood kids casually joined in and we just played, only the neighborhood kids were fellow MCADians. In that time I found out I received the RA position and we rejoiced with some Lychee frozen yogurt at Café Kem. Then we girls watched the boys skateboard in the parking lot until we got hungry and headed in for spaghetti. Fowler and Carl put on Aliens, so Z and I zipped out spontaneously to see Hot Tub Time Machine.

I woke up with a surprise package at our door: Karen! Thus the whole day went to Fun. We played more four square and ate paninis at Café Kem. Then we sat outside in the MCAD parking lot watching the boys skateboard. After five hours of outsideness, I caught a sunburn. Then we ordered Pizza Lucé and sat around and talked. The girls went to TML and Sara and I went to Diana's birthday party. After failing to start a dance party, we came home and zonked out immediately.

Today I got many questions answered and have temporarily decided to go home for the summer and return for RA duties in August. It sounds as if I will then be able to visit my sister in Florida for an extended amount of time as well as get a vehicle for next year. As far as classes are concerned, it looks like I will have only one afternoon class next semester, which I am oddly excited about. Everything else will be in the mornings and at night. I predict a lot of naps. I also foresee less wasted time in studios. Perfect.

I'm really thankful for the RA position. Though I love being around people, I also love having my own personal space to recharge and wind down. I'm excited to get to know the residents and organize events. All in all, this feels way better than all the other plans I had before with Pixar and studying California. All my needs have been taken care of!

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