Sunday, January 17, 2010

Art Shanties, Quang's, Snowball Fights, Game Nights

Yesterday was full of life! After sleeping in til noon, a bunch of us (Owen, Peter, Sara, Audrey and myself) bundled up in our snow boats and floppy hats to head to the art shanties on Medicine Lake. The event was FULL of people, as it was above freezing for once, and the skies were clear and happy.

My favorite shanty was the Dance Party Shanty, though the MCAD Shanty and Post Shanties were runners up. I don't think the one was really called the MCAD Shanty, but because we went in there and Pat was running it and then McMeans and AJ stepped in -- well, it became the MCAD Shanty for about 10 minutes. I sent out 4 post cards from the Post Shanty. All very quickly-written messages. I wish I could've sent out a few more, but the boys got super hungry and left us in the snowy dust for the car.

On the way back we decided Quang's was our tummy's delight, so we dropped off Peter and went for some Battered Yams and Shrimp. It was Audrey and Owen's first time, so Sara and I fancied ourselves the Quang's Orientation Crew. Let's just say it went well.

Theeeen came the snow adventure. Earlier in the day I had gazed out the window and noticed the melty parking lot, perfect for snowball fights! Thus I messaged everyone and gathered the troops for evening playing. More people said they were coming, but didn't, unfortunately, but still there were about 13 of us out there. Also unfortunately, the snow was super packed and had unfrozen and refrozen, so anything you could grab was a bit of ice. Nonetheless, we still romped around had iceball fights. Basically, I was happy because I got to wear my snow pants. Now I know it wasn't a waste to bring them! :)

After climbing ice mountains and lodging caution cones while shouting Japanese phrases, the gang headed inside for hot cocoa and games. We laughed at some Pictionary Telephone and got sassy during some Apples to Apples. SUCH a great way to spend a Saturday night. I didn't even want to go to the party we saw everyone walking to! My friends are great.

Defending my bacon,

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