Thursday, March 26, 2009

It has been getting so beautiful out lately! Too bad it had
to snow again. Thankfully Spring Break is practically here,
though I hear it's like 40 at home too. Anyway, here are
some pictures I took a while ago around the city when
Charlotte and I took a walk on a beautiful day.

I love finding faces in things. Like this one coffee lid I found.
It smiles at you while you drink! But I digress -- Nathan came
to visit this last weekend! It was a blast. We went shopping;
I bought a bicycle and he bought a hookah. We had a giant
cookout. We visited his relatives. And we just had fun!

Nathan by his Aunt and Uncle's place.

My new Bicycle! I still haven't given it a name.
It creaks and squeaks and I adore it.

He bought be the MCAD water bottle as part of
my birthday present
because I've been wanting
one for so damn long. You wouldn't think
it's that
great of a birthday present, but I've been eying
babies for a while!

Oh! When we were going to get cookout goods -- I
down the hill outside the triplets and got soaked.
It was
hilarious and embarrassing! So funnaay.

Also in Sarah's News:
My 3D crit went better than I thought and these stupid little
bananas have begun to grow on me (no pun intended). Now
I just have to find a solid place to put them. Thank god I
ousted the 5-foot banana idea....

And yesterday was my birthday! Tuesday and Sharlot took
me out for some birthday pie at Denny's where we ran into
some funny characters. We were there til 3 in the morning and
by that point I was very thankful I took off time from work
the next morning! So my birthday was filled with lots of last
minute homework completion and class. People sang happy
birthday in many languages including: English (of course),
Spanish, German, Polish, French, Sign Language, and Farsi.
My mommy had a cake delivered to my door too! What a lovely
lady. And Marissa made me the wonderful masterpiece below,
with unlimited use even!

And below is my 'Bears' poster for GD.
I was mega stoked to make it hangable
for my room. And so it hangs -- majestically.

My wall of art is getting full! I don't know what I'm going
do when I have to take it down. I'd make a scrapbook, but
it seems like some pieces are too big and grand for a small
scrapbook! Either way, it always makes me happy to view.

Oh and today I got a letter from Janessa in the mail! I
flipped it over and saw the HP emblem and just started
laughing to myself out of excitement. I love that Janessa.
She sure knows what makes me happy. It was such beautiful
stationary! I can't wait to hang out with her over break!

I'm going to make a sweet pencil bag soon. I've been meaning
to and I finally got the fixings to make one! So beautiful it
shall be. Other future plans include flying to Indianapolis
tomorrow to meet up with my parents where which we will
driving to Ohio for Kari and Greg's wedding. Then we shall
drive home (in the new van, might I add!) and I will party
heartily with my friends and family. Weekend after that we'll
drive to Gurnee, Illinois to visit my sister and celebrate her
accomplishments as a WayD. I can't wait to see her and the
girls! OH. More recent plans -- Beef Night with the ladies.
We'll be cooking steak and chicken and veggies and noodles
and watch the Office and just have a grand old time before I
leave tomorrow night! Man oh man. Thursdays are great.

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Marissa Lundin said...

Whoa. Great post! I'm glad you had such a fulfilling birthday (filling as in pie and pizza!)!

What time is your flight?