Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ecuadorian Bananas

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Ecuadorian Bananas

As a freshman taking Foundations classes at MCAD, I have learned to look at art in new ways. For instance, there is a purpose behind every consideration in a piece and there are many techniques to achieve that same outcome. In Drawing I students learned many ways to view and represent still lives, my favorite being planar analysis. This technique forces students to look at the structural essence of the forms at hand. Rather than using curves, the form is described using major planes. Students are told to look through the objects, through the outer shells and coverings, to find the inner framework. This technique is useful because it helps the drawer analyze and organize light shapes in the still life. Being in Foundations classes, this has overall helped me immensely with the way I view objects and light.


Marissa Lundin said...

This is grrrrrrrrrreat! The yarn is a nice touch!

charlotte ferguson said...



i ESPECIALLY love the photo documentation of yourself grinding. haha.

Anonymous said...

freakin awesome. You are awesome and really good at wording exactly the point of foundations classes. i'm going to quote you