Monday, March 23, 2009

What a lovely day for rain!

I never realized how much the weather effected my state-of-mind until I came to MCAD. The winter was so gloomy and dull, but now that Spring is popping up, I am bubbling over with happiness on a near daily basis. It could be too, that many good things have happened and will happen with the coming days.
  1. Nathan came.
  2. My birthday is in two days.
  3. Spring break starts in four days.
  4. After Spring Break, Meg will be visiting.
  5. Then the next weekend I'll be going to Ohio to see so many lovelies.
And after all that, we'll only have three/four weeks of school left. So basically -- finals! I can't wait. This was such a good semester. First semester sucked BALLS compared to this one. Geez!

Currently listening to: All Alright by Sigur Rós.

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Sara said...

Don't forget midnight bike ride, hugs, more hugs, and even more hugs!!! ohhh lordy!