Thursday, March 12, 2009


I found these old pictures of me. I think I want to grow my hair out again. Of course...that was a good hair day. A bad hair day was like looking at a wild lion's mane. Also -- I need some more light jackets. I miss that one.

It's so odd; I remember that day very well. It was kind of windy and a little chilly. We had just gotten out of a branch meeting and my sister and I were taking pictures for the fun of it. Nathan and I went running and chased geese around while the dorks we are. The my sister took pictures of Nathan and I walking through this little clump of trees. I remember that I couldn't, for some reason, get the shot right....

Then we decided, as we so often did, to go to the lake and sit on our favorite, somewhat hidden, dock.Nathan tried fishing with a hook and line, using a pop can as the bobber. That obviously didn't work, so then he climbed the small cliffs behind the dock and threw rocks down into the water as my sister and I lounged on the dock. It was a typical Nathan/Domini/Sarah day. Rarely to be had ever again.


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I agree. Gorgeous mamapapadelishus.