Monday, April 13, 2009

Semi-Exciting Pre-Class To-Night

So Gage and I were the first ones in there and we decided to not turn the lights on. Then we made a bet to see how many people would come in before someone turned the lights on. I said 5, he said 4.

But we agreed if anyone -- Carl would be the first one to turn on the lights.

So in come the people, 1, 2, 3 (Gage is out)
then everyone was in besides the teacher.

Lights still off,
Lydia walks in all, "What's going on?"

She reaches for the lights and everyone just starts shouting NO! YES! NO!! YES!!! NO!!!

Then Carl gets up and he's reaching for the switch (unaware of our wager) and we're all just yelling and yelling and yelling and THEN

Carl flips them on.

So typical, Carl.

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Marissa Lundin said...

This makes me long for creative writing from last semester...:)