Wednesday, April 22, 2009

You know --

The longer I wait to update this, the more I have to say, and the more I don't want to spend all that valuable time writing it. Thus, a list will do for now.
  1. I finally wrote my Research Paper and it only took me a solid two hours.
  2. I got new strings on my guitar, forcing me into finger-plucking delight.
  3. I love visitors and traveling, especially with Believers.
  4. I have an RA interview on Friday at noon. Cross your fingers! (Even though it'll be sad not to be your roomies, Poop and Feist!)
  5. I enjoy the act of typing and writing. Language is amazing.
  6. My pursuit of combining music and art is becoming more of a reality every day.
  7. My tummy is making up for that Sunday night I asked it to be quiet.
  8. I love my bike and want to ride it pronto.
  9. I don't want to work in the morning.
  10. I need to do laundry, so sorry if I smell....
  11. Pretending Mondays don't count, I only have 9 days of school left.
  12. I love talking music and being passionate about things in general.
  13. I have had many many firsts this year. Yay for experiential 2009!

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Sara said...

I'm no longer Fowler. Now I'm just 'Poop'! Haha, you big stinker. I wish you the best of luck in your RA interview. I know you're going to win the prize because you'd be the BEST.