Friday, April 24, 2009

Am I becoming my father?

Sometimes when I wake up to my alarm I totally freak out. I can't remember which day it is or why I set an alarm, and I have to check my phone immediately to figure things out. Often times I'll just set an alarm so that I don't waste my morning away -- those are the days I really freak out.

Many of you have probably heard this story, but I'll tell it again:

One time, I think over winter break this year, I was staying in a hotel with my parents. Now, obviously my college sleep schedule is a little different than theirs, so I was trying to waste away the waking hours with my computer. I didn't have my headphones handy, so I went into the bathroom to watch some more LOST. After a solid two or three episodes, I started yawning and figured I could force myself into a deep sleep, so I turned off the bathroom light and began to walk into the other room.

You know how when you come out of a very bright area and walk into a very dark area your eyes don't adjust immediately? Well this was no time for that...As I'm walking out of the bathroom, trying to be quiet, I hear my dad wake up very quickly. Then I took another step and I start hearing some very fast shuffling towards me and gasping noises. I started freaking out and literally SCREAMED in fright! As the shuffling neared me I backed into the corner of the hotel room and tried opening my computer to get some light in the room.

It was just my dad! He was freaking out just like I did! So I just shouted, "DAD! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" And my mom woke up and she's just like, "Doug! What the heck is going on?!"

As my dad has gotten older, it seems like he always wakes up extra alert. I just remember, for the only time in my life, being legitimately scared that night. After we figured out there wasn't a burglar or mass murderer in the room, we all tucked ourselves back into bed.

And there I laid, wide-eyed with a pounding heartbeat. More awake than ever before.

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