Friday, October 24, 2008


My eye has been twitching for a good week now.
I can see it moving involuntarily as the light from my laptop reflects onto my eyelashes.
Kind of crazy.

I've had many good talks with many good people this week.
All have been extremely fulfilling.
I can only see them continuing from here.

I made new friends this week too.
And that feels really great.
Networking, if that's what you want to call it, has become oddly easy for me, as pointed out by my roommate. Funny thing is, I always considered myself to have a difficult time with said aspect of life. My world is turning upside down, or rather, right side up.
Here, my new friend and I recorded a song for her video project. It's called "And You Will Be Happy". We plan on making more music together in the future. I'm happy to find not only someone who shares the same interest in making music while making art, but to find someone who is interested in making the same kind of music as I.

On the other hand.
A few things have been bothering me as of late that haven't bothered me in the past. I don't want to call it jealousy; I'm not sure if that's it. But it might be.

Tonight we saw Saw 5. The whole time I thought about home. How Cameron scared the living daylight out of me when he knocked on my basement window at 4 in the morning as I was watching Saw 2. How Janessa calls me Sa. How I rented Saw 4 accidentally 3 times this last summer because I always went to Redbox thinking I hadn't seen it yet. How no one at home really liked those movies except for Jill, and how I always liked her dark side.

And then I think -- all these things have, in one way or another, mirrored themselves here. Even the new nickname "Kitten". Weirds me out.

My tummy growls here all the time. It never did that at home.

"I am looking West and landing in the middle somewhere."
Some of my artwork since I've been at MCAD.
After reviewing it over all -- we haven't used very much color. And I've been okay with that. I approve of MCAD's methods so much. Then again, I don't disapprove of much of anything in my life. Damn optimism.


charlotte ferguson said...

i LOVElovelove the music you recorded.

Sara said...

The song is beautiful, the trombone is the perfect touch. Nicely done.

Very big hugs.