Sunday, November 16, 2008

Young Love


got a new, FREE hat.

With lovely floral print on the inside.


am in love with a pen.

Look what it can do!

Below is my Gestalt Project for 2D class.

WOO Leedles!

Quotes de Charlotte:
"I like it thin and nice."
"It was platonic rubbing."
"It's a nice place to stick things."

Ethan is to Matt & Kim as Sarah is to Eisley.

Today I had Vietnamese food for the first time.
With it --
I had Mango Bubble Tea.
o o


Tookie Clothespin said...

i love your new hat!!!
its a fantastic lady hat!

charlotte ferguson said...

i love unintentionally speaking dirty.
i think its muh favorite thang.. besides ethan's laugh.

i also think those photos of you are ADORABLE!!!!!!!!