Friday, December 12, 2008

The Semester Is O-V-E-R

I'm sitting in my Uncle Ken and Aunt Louise's house in Aberdeen, South Dakota. They're chatting with my mom about everything under the sun that I don't know about, thus, I found some wireless internet to steal.

It's weird being gone from MCAD knowing everyone else still has class tomorrow and I'm one of the few to say Goodbye already. However! I am VERY thankful to be gone. I feel very peaceful and at ease. I'm done with finals, I can sleep, I can think about absolutely nothing and have nothing to think about.

Review of the Week:
Started Drawing Final, didn't get far.
2D til noon, draw til 6, Writing until 7:30, draw until class the next morning.
Art History, finish drawing, go to Drawing class, ROCK le final, work on 2D final till the next morning.
Fell asleep on my floor at 8:30 and woke up to a call from Greg at 9:45, rocked my 2D Final and got an A in the class, came home and started le website, fell asleep and accidentally slept through my last Writing class, Marissa and I studied til 1 in the morning for Art History (such a blast!), made my website til 3.
Woke up at 9 to my mom calling me to remind me to wake up for the test, ROCKED the test, made a whole new website, went to Media, devoured tacos (my first semi-real food in 4 days), presented website, went home to pack, left 20 minutes later for South Dakota, and now I'm here.

Basically I got about 10 hours of sleep in 4 days and all I ate was whatever my teachers provided like bagels and tacos. And somehow, that's not supposed to be a complaining statement; I'm very pleased and proud of my work this past week. I kind of showed myself what I was capable of, if not more, and really really believe I'm going to improve leaps and bounds next semester. I can't wait.

Random Thoughts to Record:
1. We'll soon be able to see our dreams outside of sleep. Look!
2. This video is SO rad.
3. I'm probably going to redo my website AGAIN cause I'm not 100% pleased.
4. Ru-Is-Da-El! It's business time. Hey Mr. Wright! There's Keira Knightley.... I have to go to Cleeeaaaasz! Oh Charmander...

I might be featured in the new Mailbox; Mailbox album and am SO excited! See all you Blue Springians soon!

My Drawing Final

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Marissa Lundin said...

Oooo la vo co Vigee-a-Lebron! Cleaaaaaaszzz! Oh Charmander! lol I never knew art history could be so enjoyable! I can't believe you are in South Dakota! Have a great vacation, we will be in touch! Congrats on the semester, we kicked ass. Meeeeeeeeeeeeerry Chriiiiiiiiiistmas!!!