Friday, May 01, 2009


I watched Twilight last night and liked it in a sort of I'm-not-supposed-to-but-I-kind-of-do/Sarah's-loving-Love-again way. Also, I'm drawn to movies with heavy color schemes, Twilight being a constant blue.

Word of the day:

A note on Finals:
Dude. Not feelin' the pressure. Just as money, Finals will come and go. It's tight at times, but we always pull through.

And next is the Summer o' Change. I really want to get up and get moving. I want to work, I want to sweat in the miserly Missouri sun, I want to travel, and most importantly, I want to come back to MCAD with a better work ethic than this year. With 4 Studio classes and Work Study somewhere (hopefully in the SB!), I won't have time to sit around like I do. I want to be able to use my time wisely and do GOOD work. I've been in a state of disappointing myself because of my own laziness. I won't, however, fall into condemnation; I'm just in a state of realization.

The World hasn't been too hard for me STILL. I always find a way through things or I get lucky or I just get by without any expectations. I'm still wondering, will Life ever be truly hard? I don't understand why everything has been so easy for me. It makes me feel numb to any pain I see around me. Or is that just people inflicting pain upon themselves? Have I just figured out how to deal with life and living in ways other people haven't?

Shwew. This post got heavy fast.

Last night I had the kind of dreams that you don't want to end when you wake up. I always wonder then -- what part of my life is so unsatisfying that I would rather live in my dreams? And, you should know, my dreams are never TOO far from a possible reality. Sure, I have a few that are displaced, but in general -- they are very realistic.

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