Monday, June 01, 2009

Best Friends Forever

I know we'll be
together forever
For us
"Til Death do us part" doesn't matter!

You know, Best Friends Forever has some good lyrics...
After you get past the whole making-out-with-a-ghost thing.
And they are REALLY great to drive to --
something I was unable to discover at MCAD.

I also love their complete disregard of time and larger audiences.
Their songs are about living in the North, specifically Minneapolis, mentioning the Walker and Nicollet, and they speak of getting married in 2008, which is obviously a while ago, but for some reason it doesn't matter. If Beyonce were to try the same thing, it would get outdated SO fast. (And I love Beyonce!)

Now, I may be biased, and I may just be in a really optimistic mood, but seriously. I love this band. They are so much FUN -- a necessity when being in a band. You can even hear them smiling at parts. And yeah, so what if I'm from Minneapolis and I like hearing someone sing about the very places I used to go every day. I think anyone can love this. And even though it's really raw, I can somehow tolerate it more so than Tilly and the Wall (I could never figure that out). Sigh. There's a good rant. I want more BFF!

Also -- they have awesome bass lines ALWAYS.


Sara said...

I love how bouncy the middle one is!

Domini said...

this band draws a weird envy out of my insides... because i want to make things like this. and the desire never goes away.