Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wahee wahoo waha ha ha!

I'm feelun pretty good, folks!
Though I haven't found a typical job here at home, I'm still bringing home the bacon. In the past two days I sold two pieces of artwork, totally $205. And with more customers in line! I haven't even hung up my stuff at the Steamin' Bean either. It's kind of ridiculous because this is all high school artwork that I'm basically pulling out of the depths of my garage. I can't tell what I enjoy more -- my work or the money it brings!

Other than that, I've been enjoying some good company. Today I had another old lady/young infant gathering. We crocheted while watching Disney movies, today's film-of-choice being the Incredibles. We also had an indoor picnic (because it was blistering hot out) with some $5 foot-longs -- only we had 6-inch subs.

Then I ran a few errands for le madre and then finished out the rest of Heroes. I'm sad that's over; it really picked up at the end there. Later we had fellowship and then afterward we feasted on some Salty Iguanas. Mm, happiness is tasty.

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