Sunday, October 25, 2009

Things I Like

I'm going to take a break for a blog.

Because I wanted to share my satisfaction of grape soda and curly straws.

Also, to share my satisfaction of chillin' with the girls and taking silly photos.

And also to record a few things.

1. Marissa is starting violin lessons and she just got her instrument yesterday. Being the hospitable roomie she is, she let me try it out. Now, I'm no violinist, but I did enjoy using her bow on my guitar. That's some Sigur Ros business right there! Now I dearly want a bow or this 'Piranha Guitar Bow' thing, which is like a mini bow in the palm of your hand, and it doesn't have the Rosin of a regular bow on it, so it won't make my guitar all nasty-nast. I would also like to get some sort of device to connect my acoustic-electric with my computer to record stuff and experiment. That's about $80 of equipment. If only...

2. I saw Eisley on Thursday night. I met Eisley Thursday night. I got Eisley's autographs Thursday night. I was starstruck. I was awstruck. I was wonderstruck. I bought their EP. I bought a v-neck brown and gold shirt. I got a litho print. All in all I was overwhelmed with happiness. Station 4 in St. Paul is a small venue, but it's perfect when you want to see one of your favorite bands up close and personal. I found a nice spot on the stairs, right next to the stage, and could have drummed along with Weston if I so wished. They were less than two feet away from me and I couldn't stop smiling. After their set, the three girls went to the back of the venue for a meet and greet before Say Anything went on. I nervously (and very straight-faced) approached the girls, litho print in hand, and introduced myself to them. I shook their hands and talked with them a bit. I wanted to get an interview from Sherri for my Sophomore Sem. project, but she denied her artistic abilities and talked about her creative side. Unfortunately I was so wiggin out over the fact that I was conversing with them that I can't remember for the life of me what she said. I wanted to talk to Chauntelle and tell her how much I adore her playing, but I was so nervous that I couldn't look at her! I was kind of upset at myself for that. But she was so sweet. Sigh. It's fun to relive that moment in my mind.

3. Lots of people have been dying lately. It's kind of overwhelming. Nathan's uncle Lanny, Jessica Hutton, Mr. Morlang, Michelle's friend's best friend. Add that to the list of all the celebrity deaths and my grandma's passing and you just have a poopy 2009. Then mix it in with the daily stresses such as homework, finances, and my failing computer...shwew. To say the least, I've been in a funk as of late. It's hard to talk about it with people because they can't really do anything about it, and I don't really want pity. However -- a break would be nice. I've skipped all my classes once now, and in the past week, but I'm still a bit unsettled and just have little to no motivation to do any of my work. I'm not interested in any of my work. I know that's a bit of the ebb and flow of school, but fuck. Shouldn't I be able to grasp on to something here and there? I suppose I've just been having second thoughts about things as of late. Although -- I don't know where else I'd rather be. That in itself is almost more frustrating. I'll figure it out someday.

Until then,

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Lauren said...

Oh Sarah, we always have similar thoughts in our inner sanctum of thoughts.

My grandpa died last November (and then two people I knew in high school, my high school friend's father, and indeed, numerous celebrities) My grandpa, however, was the first person whom I ever really knew and loved that died, and it threw all my thoughts into a whirl. It hurts.

On a really strange bright side, I understand and appreciate dark humor on a whole different level.

If you ever want to ramble about life things, you know I'd love to listen and ramble too.

Also, I will find a way to get you cookies. Here, have an internet cookie (::) Mmm. Delicious.