Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Christmas List

It's that time of year, folks. What do you want for Christmas? What do you get your parents for Christmas? My family has started the Christmas gossip already. "I know what she's getting you, but I can't tell!" 'Tis a love/hate relationship, but mostly love because my family gets ultra jolly around this time of year.

A list has been requested, thus I shall post it here.

1. I always ask for movies for Christmas and rarely get even one. Regardless, I'll continue to ask for more, struggling to complete my test-of-time movie library. This year's titles include:

(Not the digitally remastered version!)

2. I would also like various guitar toys such as:

This device for hooking my guitar up to le computer to record.

Either and ebow or real bow to make string effects.

A guitar slide. But brass, steel, glass? I'm not sure.

3. Some legit headphones, to listen to all my movies and beautiful recordings. Either Bose or Shure brand, I think. Preferably Sound Isolation as opposed to Noise Reduction; the latter uses a microphone and batteries to inverse the outside noise and adds it to your music. Boo!

4. Zombies!!! Le board game.

5. And if wii really want to get crazy...


Jessica Endaya said...

Absolutely LOVE Triplettes of Belleville! Beautiful music, animation and story.

broaster said...

lol. zombies: this one's a no brainer.
that made my day!