Sunday, November 01, 2009

Fall, Fall, Fall, Halloween!

This has been quite a lovely fall, folks! Finally October is over, Daylight Savings is over, and the semester is halfway over. The month has been a most vomitable roller coaster, but has ended atop with a great overall view of things.

For example, this house across the street from our apartment. In the summer the owners grow beautiful gardens of flowers, and in the fall they rake their leaves and keep their lawn beautiful. In a neighborhood of filth and a general disregard to upkeep, I am very thankful for this view.

Our school is putting together something for the new viewbook and they set out a whole bunch of supplies and let people go crazy. This was my solution. I was in a very happy mood when I was making this. Marissa made the 'have' part. :)

Our annual pumpkin carving contest was this last week. I knew I had to outdo last year's pumpkin, thus I came up with this zombie pumpkin solution. I turned the stem upside and carved a brain into it. I had so much fun with it, and it took my mind off of other not-so-awesome things that had happened earlier in the day. And thus I won, for the second year in a row, 1st place. I'm gonna try to make it 4 for 4 years, but the pressure is so on now!

On Halloween the girls and I hit up Chipotle for some free burritos. By the time we got them we were a bit ravenous, and after a crunched car ride back home, we devoured those burritos as if they were going to disappear if we didn't eat them fast enough. So fun!

Sara and I were a bit undecided as far as costumes went this Halloween. Thus the old headdress made an appearance once again. We acrylicized ourselves with war paint and made legit spears. Pretty baller, if you ask me.

And here's some drawing class projects. The first two are from a three part series, making a collage of a master's work then drawing a still life based on it, and then the next part is doing a figure study based on said still life. I'll post that up when I'm done with it.

This last drawing is an in-class portraiture study. It probably the first portrait I've drawn besides my own and I'm pretty pleased with it. It has a little touch-ups to do, and Ryan isn't wearing his classes so he looks a little different than some of you my recognize, but hey. I like it. :)

Other than that, classes have been getting better; they aren't so overwhelming and I'm kind of excited about my work again. I showed my illustration teacher my pumpkin and he suggested I do 3D illustration, which I had been coincidentally thinking about ever since I DID do that pumpkin. Thus I have discovered Red Nose Studios and have decided to look into 3D illustration.

Also in Illustration on Friday, I picked up my Registration packet! I was so thrilled! I came back to class all hyped up and people didn't know what to do about me. Registration time is seriously almost as good as Christmas. Especially now that I'm declared.

I haven't figured out exactly what I want to do, but I notice the required courses look SO much more fun than the other majors I was considering. As of right now I'm looking into taking Animation Collaboration, Sound for Film, and either Stop Motion or Photographic Lighting. And then I'll have History of Animation and a Humanities and Sciences it's like cartoons ALL THE TIME! I can't wait. I have so many ideas it's great!

And finals are starting! We just got assigned our final in animation and I couldn't be more excited for it. It's 30 seconds of whatever we want, which is both overwhelming and freeing. It's cool to think that once I finish this, I'll be done with the class. It's also crazy to think about the fact that I'll only have 3.5 animations by the time this class is over. Sheesh! Which brings me to another point, I've been kind of picking out classes according to what I'd like to include in my Junior Review next year. It's scary to think about all that happening so soon. Sometimes it feels like there's no end in sight at MCAD, but alas, it's approaching WAY faster than we realize.

The only other thing I can think of to mention is the fact that my mom has been getting familiar with the doctors again. She's had some intense pain in her hips/legs for who knows how long. And recently she found out that her hip is broken. It's frustrating because before she was just told that her one leg was longer than the other, not that her hip was broken. And now the surgeon says it has healed, so I'm assuming it healed wrong. It's been a little trying here, thinking about it all. But I can be thankful that we now know what's wrong and that it can be fixed.

Also -- I want to write about my Ideation Class the other day.
We were having a pretty blah critique on our Language critiques. We only had a week and nobody's was particularly amazing. After a long while, we went on break with two projects left. When we came back to class, we were in a state of monotony. Then Rachel had her performance piece. It wasn't a phenomenal performance, but it definitely triggered something in all of us. She told us the story about her love affair with her violin. How she saw it in a store at age 5 and wanted it immediately. How her mom finally got her lessons. How she learned how to make words out of the notes on a staff. And ultimately, how her mom made her choose between violin and comics. And then she played us a solo piece which she said she hadn't played in 3 years -- since she quit. And then it was over.

And after a long silence McMeans asks, "So what'd you think?" Nobody in the room said a word. We wouldn't even look at one another. The mood was so heavy we couldn't even formulate words -- until Gina finally spoke. She started saying, "I know how you feel because I played Suzuki violin for 10 years too." And then she started crying. Had she not let go, I would've burst. I tried SO hard not to cry. In that moment, as I was looking around the room. I realized that we had all given up something very dear to us to get to MCAD. It sucks! And even more -- a lot of us gave up music specifically. For the first time, I really felt like other people were feeling the same things I've been feeling. I stunned me. And my throat was tied in knots. I didn't say another word during class.

And on that note,
let's get back into the things we love.

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