Monday, December 07, 2009

Missing Missouri Thunderstorms, Comparing Muic and Art

I miss Missouri thunderstorms REAL bad. After a super humid, hot yesterday, it rains and the ground steams, making the air like a sauna. And the raindrops are warms and refreshing. MAN I would trade that for snow any day.

I remember when I was younger and my sister and I would spend entire days watching the Lord of the Rings Extended Version WITH all the extra features. We'd go out and play in the rain, getting completely soaked, and then come in and cuddle in warm blankets, watching all the behind-the-scenes of LOTR. What a great feeling.

In other matters.
Whilst finishing my last drawing of the semester last night, I was listening to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies on audiobook. SO FUNNY! I can't wait to read it for real. Zombie stories are always enjoyable, considering one's self amidst the zombie apocalypse. But considering ladies and gentleman brandishing a sword after an extremely polite ball? SO much better.

I was considering the countless similarities between music and the visual arts.
Instruments/Tonality:Mark-making and Line Weight

Thinking about one really helps me understand the other in a new light. It's really exciting to be building my comprehension of art the way I used to pursue music. And to have that 'family' aspect again. Mm.


broaster said...

fyi- your writing is beautiful! the descriptions of the thunderstorms made me miss them too, even if i've never been to missouri :)

Andrea said...

Comparing the fogginess of new things to the known experience always clears the fog and lets you see things clearly! Keep doing what you're are on the right path (even if sometimes you feel like turning and running to the familiar)...oh, yeah, I love the Missouri Rainstorms too!