Thursday, October 09, 2008

Busy, Busy Day

1. Wake up at 7 to finish homework.
After coming home at 2 in the morning, I fell asleep with my Texture Self-Portrait unfinished. I planned on waking up early in the morning to finish because I was too pooped out to function. And thus I went to sleep and woke up to Damien Rice's "The Animals Were Gone". It's such a peaceful way to wake up. So then I grabbed my computer after a dreadful dreaming of losing it, and I finished my project by 8:15. At that point I laid back in bed for a while, then got up and showered and actually ate breakfast. It was quite the lovely morning, but I didn't last long before I crashed....

2. 2D Class
was bomb. I love it always. All our assignments were pretty B.A. and our teacher confessed his love for all of us. :) At that point we gathered in our groups and discussed our Fight Club scene recreation. After that was going nowhere, he let us out an hour early. Pretty great class.

3. Love Actually
is an adorable movie. I watched it after class and enjoyed a delicious chicken salad sandwich. The lack of sleep, however, caught up with me and I didn't make it through the whole movie before drowning in dreams once again. I slept til about 4 and it was worth every lost minute. I felt unbelievably refreshed, and back to my normal state.

4. Cake baking and Neil Gaiman
It was K-Rad's birthday today, and festivities had been planned. I was in charge of le cake due to my mother's sweet bag of goodies she sent with my sister when she visited. So I baked it quickly and ran out the door to go see the end of Neil Gaiman's book tour for our Writing Class' assignment. I was pretty bummed, missing out on the party to go see a lecture by someone I didn't know. But then I found out he wrote Stardust, and I got hella excited! We sat in the open seats in the front right pew and waited for him to come out. The lights lowered and suddenly we realized why such seemingly treasurable seats were unwanted; we couldn't see him! There was a giant podium directly in our line of view and dissatisfaction swept over us. I was sitting on the end, and was probably the only one who could see him, and, funny enough, he saw me falling out of my seat in the aisle. He leaned over, trying to see how many other people couldn't see, and of course it was just us 5 kids who really wanted to see him, so he says on the microphone in his charming British accent, "Can you see over there?" I pinch my fingers together, saying, "Not really...." Then with his celebrity powers, he pushes every in the center front row to the sides and we wiggle our way into the best seats in the house. He was reading to us from five short feet away. I hung onto every word he said, as if they were the last to be spoken on the earth as we knew it. He melted my heart in ways I hadn't been expecting that night. And when the time came, I wasn't ready to leave.

But I bought two books, Coraline and Stardust, and I can't wait to read them. :)

5. Cake Decorating and Birthday Celebrations
I got home and ran up to the apartment, back into reality. I frosted Karen's cake and meticulously placed the sprinkles in such a manner as to spell out "K-RAD". It looked awful, and for that, it looked wonderful. I walked it over to the party and everyone chimed in with a lovely Happy Birthday song when I presented le cake. It felt really good to celebrate a birthday, for really no good reason. It's such a celebration of appreciation and love. Sigh.

6. Recess Club
is my favorite time of the week. It's now been moved to Wednesdays, which isn't totally terrible because I get two nights of glory in a row, Thursdays holding The Office. Woo! But we played soccer and it. was. AWESOME. Total blasty blast, and next week holds more Ultimate Frisbee. Holla! Afterwards I watched Love Actually in the 301 apartment.

7. Sleepin' in 301
So we finish the movie around 2 and I still have homework to do, so I feel like I can't go home because I KNOW that if I do that, I'll DEFINITELY go to sleep. Not like it mattered much; I fell asleep anyhow. In fact, I fell asleep next to Z3 and stayed there all night. Not gonna lie, that was a great sleep! I liken it to the episode of Friends where Ross and Joey nap together and enjoy it so much, they go back for a second round. Oh yeah. hahaha

So that's that.
I bombed my Art History test, and not the good kind of bombing....
I have good ideas for the art sale.
I'm done with Week 7 of school, halfway done.
I can't wait to go home and see my Reynolds siblings.

The end,
J-Pimpin' OUT!

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