Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sore Bums & Rhubarb Business

This weekend was quite the lovely, to say the least.

Me Day. I woke up at noon, took a shower, did a load of laundry, made lunch, and watched a movie. Karen left to go home for her birthday. Then there was le sleepover with the girls. We had a picnic of fried foods and green beans on the living room floor and then watched The Jacket and Garden State. Sleep.

In the morning I went shopping with Carl and Alyssa for 2D supplies and came back and watched another movie with the girls. Basically the weekend consisted of a lot of movies. Sara went home. I came home and napped and then Flower, Charlotte, and I grabbed some hot chocolate from the Spyhouse coffee shop. Then we waited for the grocery van, but didn't make it on, so we went to a garage sale and bought cute little trinkets and postcards and state fair award-winning rhubarb jam and apple jelly. For many hours we kind of walked around with nothing to do; everyone was home for the weekend or was busy with visitors.
At that point Carl called, asking if I wanted to join him as he measured the 2D wall space. Peter also accompanied us and we talked a while in the Morrison. We agreed that time spent there is really peaceful, and I might be there a lot more in the winter time. Those boys are great! We headed up to the Super Smash Brothers Brawl for some free pizza and indulged in cheesey deliciousness.
Then we girls chatted with Carla and made cookies. Bonding time with the RAs has been fun this year, I really enjoy them. Then it was night time, where the party really began.
Midnight bike ride! Justin, Anthony, Dylan, Colin, Carla, Millie, Alice, Mus, Charlotte, Sara, and myself rode about the town for a good few hours. Carla rode into a bush whilst opening a can of beer and became covered in all sorts of nasty things. So graceful. We rode to places I had never seen before, and it felt so good. I forgot how much I love riding bikes, and so I'm going to look around for one. My mommy said she'd buy me one if I found one I liked. I love my mommy. Sidetracked. THEN we took pictures on the big blue bridge and enjoyed some cookies. After riding on for a bit we stopped at this place and ventured through the dark on this sketchy path on this sketchy cliff next to this sketchy-smelling river and had a blasty blast. I love adventuring, but that part got kind of intense....when we finally got out to the street, there were these guys standing in the window arches of this building like statues, unmoving. The boys hopped in the other windows with them and we all took pictures. So fun! And then we got back on our bikes and rode home.
When everyone finally made it to the grassy knoll, we trekked it to Colin's house where we had a mini dance party. I was so hot, thirsty, and tired that I only made it through a few songs before I had to check out. Apparently people left soon after me, and it was a good night. After showering and refueling with ice water, I fell asleep around 4.

Woke up around 9 to go to fellowship. That was short, and then I came home and made a quesadilly and took a nap. Charlotte and Sara woke me up to get more hot chocolate at Spyhouse and then we headed up to the College Center to make Amy a birthday card. Then we went grocery shopping and I got some avocadoes of which I'm really excited about. I also bought another SB card for 40$. Hate spending money there. Theeeen Taco Party for Amy's birthday and layin on the lawn til now.

Tomorrow I think I'll meditate with some drawing. I could use a good session with my pencil and iPod. We work well together. Hanging out with people is spectacular, but I've always cherished my alone time very highly. There's something about being silent and still that can't be replaced. I need it, moreso than usual lately. I need home a lot too.

Missing That Blue Springs Air,

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