Thursday, November 20, 2008

I can't believe I got through this week!

Another GREAT day in Art History.
Not completely awful bad news.
I did do better on this test compared to the last.
Nonetheless, still pitifully.

It's okay!
I had a delicious breakfast afterwards.
Breakfast burritos!
Yum yum.
Now I'm stuffed and am going to head off to Media in a while.
My stop motion is awful.
Cause my ideas were bigger than my capabilities/resources.
This will do.

This is my second version.
The first just had sound effects, but then I realized I had already made the perfect song for it. And it just so happened to be the perfect length.
[Well, it could have been 5 seconds shorter....]

P.S. This 2D Final is killer!
It makes me sad and yet really happy.
Go figure my favorite class would end with so many memories.
We have to collect memories people have of us through Facebook or whatever means we wish. It's so funny so see which memories people pick. I've noticed, in general, a lot of memories people have of me are mischievous or very romantic, if you will. [Romantic in a sense of very sappy and something you might see in a cheesy, but good! 90s teen movie.] I guess you could say this is an extreme feel-good project. At least -- for me it is. I think I may present the memories through objects or pictures that represent the memory. That way it's not completely obvious, but still perfectly representational. Yeah.

Karen pointed out a poster near the College Center today. It was calling for Musicians for some benefit concert or...something. I'm not completely sure what it's asking for, all I know is that I want in. And I'm really excited to get to use my musical passions here at MCAD. However, I'm kind of nervous because I'm unsure whether or not it'll be an orchestrated concert type thing, or something where they're expecting me to play my own music. This would be a great time to have my girls here to help....

Percussion Explosion 'o8

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micah said...

Hey, I'm sorry we didn't have lunch together today! I lost your number before I could get it in my phone. I went up to nora's but I couldn't find you. Hopefully I'll seeya on your breaks!