Saturday, November 22, 2008

Art Sale Weekend

Fridays are always great.
No class.
No homework to get done right away.
I can be lazy, or party, or hang out with the pals.

This Friday,
was a really great Friday for many reasons.
1. It's the last Friday before Thanksgiving break.
2. I went to the MIA with Marissa, Charlotte, and Sara to do some research/gandering for our Art History papers. Marissa and I got distracted with a Mankala game in the African exhibit.

3. We watched the Office and Jim and Pam got their own home together.
That show never ceases to make me all feel-good.

4. The Art Sale was insane hectic, but a ton o' fun to be a part of. I think I sold 3 pieces last night, and then 5 more today, if not more by the end of the day. It was intense because all these people are zooming by and you're kind of a statue, waiting to be someone's slave. But I'm getting paid!

5. Afterwards, Charlotte and I cooked a delicious veggie dinner.
Complete with:
and Rice-a-Roni [not a vegetable]

Our meals together always brighten my day.

And now it is Saturday.
And I'm pooped.
And I'm taking a break from the Art Sale.
It's a lot for my brain.
Mostly I think it's because I keep thinking about home.
And though my mind is zooming with all the people around me,
I still have too much time to think about it.
And the more I think the more anxious I get.
Will it be weird?
I don't think so really.
I still have the tiny inclination that it will be.
I just can't wait to give all my friends huge hugs.
And lay my head on my mommy's lap while she watches some show on tv.
And have a fire in the basement while drinking hot cocoa.
Oh it's going to be so good.

Happy Saturday.

P.S. It snowed today.
This is the view out my Kitchen window at 7:45 a.m.


Sara said...


pum pum pata pum

Marissa Lundin said...

We all look so HAPPY!!! Thanks for sneaking around with me at the art sale today! If only they wouldn't have ran out of cookies...:o)

Anonymous said...

I am always bummed when your recap-blogs do not involve me.