Sunday, November 23, 2008

Things to Bring Home/Back

Things to Bring Home:

Walkie Talkies so they can be fixed.
Headdress -- to cause mischief in.
Games to play with.

Things to Bring Back:

Extra plug-ins so this doesn't happen.
More pants.
New shoes, preferably without holes in the side.
More mittens/gloves/glittens to keep le paws warm.

Also, this was great:

And this too:
Click me!

Things to get done today:
  1. Art History Paper
  2. Two Artist Statements
  3. 2D Illustrator Project
  4. Drawing Final Sketches
  5. Some Website Designing

I am excited to see this little fellow of mine.
I had a dream that I lost him last night and proceeded to wake up, crying.

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