Saturday, December 20, 2008

'Tis The Saturday To Be Jolly

What a lovely weekend it has/will be!

Friday: Kicked it with Laura, hookahed. Krismus shopping. Taco Bueno and Forking le Yard de Ryan con Erin, Frances, y Taylor. Shwew!

Saturday: Happy Birthday Ryan? Yes, Happy Birthday. Lazy business. Krismus shopping. Mal's party. Craft night with the return de Callie.

Sunday: STS Hookup. Endaya reunion? Natalie's Party? More Krismus Shopping. Probably kickin' it with le Reynolds.

We do not have one single art supplies store around here. And no, Hobby Lobby and JoAnn's doesn't count. I'm talkin' a wide variety of pens! Pencils! Papers! Where's my Art Cellar at?!

Any good homemade Krismus present ideas out there?
Yours Truly


1918VINTAGE said...

Yes we do! Utrecht is amazing, it's just like a Blick. Do you have Blick in MN? I don't know...but we have utrecht. It's on Main and 46th or something like that. It's good, i promise.

carzilla said...


I miss you too, I feel like I havent seen you in a insane amount of time.

thank you for your kind words :)

Marissa Lundin said...

I hear you there...sorry I feel totally lame because I'm relating to your pain that was last week Still! How was your CHristmas!? I have been without internet for about two weeks so I'm sorry I haven't been bugging you! But I just wanted you to know that we no longer have to wait once a week to be completely overjoyed; I am now the proud owner of the Office DVD game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just you wait, life is about to begin......(miss ya!)

Marissa Lundin said...


I hope you don't mind me writing to you via blogspot instead of facebook! I just feel less...watched. Hopefully nobody is really spying on me though and it's just my paranoia! I can't believe you haven't had Christmas yet! But it will be much more "Christmasy" having your whole family together! My break has been pretty nice! I've been sleeping in until noon almost everyday and am doing lots of little bits of art for friends and family, which I've discovered is what I like to do best! I got a digital camera from good old Santa Claus, so am trying to figure that thing out! I might head down to Milwaukee next weekend and hang out with my sister and do, oh you know, city type things! It should be a good time! I do miss MCAD, but am not really ready to go back! When do you think you are returning? Well, you have a GREAT time in IL!!!!! I hope to hear from you soooooooooon!

lots of love, Marissa

P.S. Amen to the Mailbox, Mailbox news! I played some songs for my younger sister, and tally one more fan for that wonderful band!!!!!