Monday, May 25, 2009

Game Nights Begin!

I'm starting up my weekly game nights again!
I had several requests and inquiries about it,
so I spent all day slaving over this flyer. Haha

I like having things to look forward to in the
middle of the week! Just like Recess Club.
Who looks forward to Thursday nights?!
Well now the KC kids do!

P.S. I was just evaluating life, as I so often do, and I was summing up my contentedness. I'm at a good place right now because I have a job interview tomorrow, but I'm not working now, which means that I've put forth some effort but I'm not at my peak busy-level yet. I'm making some art for fun. I'm hanging out with friends in solid amounts, not hurting my parents' feelings...yet. And I have plans on le calendar.

The state I'm in is just wonderful. It's nice to have no homework to do or job to attend. Just the warm summer sun and friends to keep me company.

Furthermore: My parents ran into Mr. Rausch, one of my high school band directors, and apparently he knows the manager of Guitar Center. Thus, he said he was going to call them in the morning and give me a good recommendation before my interview at 3. Life is getting exciting, folks!


Sara said...

You are the greatest. I love making things like that, just for little events. Ruth and I spent hours upon hours creating hand-drawn, unique invitations for our winter month of fun. Love it.

Lauren said...

Sarah, you MUST come to Chicago for the Harry Potter Exposition, you MUST. When is it???

And I'm coming to BSMO in early August, will you still be having game nights then?!

Marissa Lundin said...

All the best at your job interview! I hope you make lots o moniez!

Today at Barnes and Noble, I saw the biggest Scrabble game in the world!!!! Well, I don't know about that, but it was definitely the biggest Scrabble game, in a box...

I miss you times infinity!