Sunday, May 24, 2009

First week of summer is over!

What have I done?
Is it too late to save me from this place,
From the depths of the grave?
We all are lost.
We thought we were brave.
What have I done?

but really.
I was going to tell you all what I've done this week, but then it reminded me of that Thrice song. HOKAY.
Here's the world...

but really.

I have hung out with Pongolicious every day. Honestly not hardly even trying to. It just happens. Am I upset? Aw hellz naw. It's just like last summer. We barely went a day without seeing one another.

We had a campfire out back and made smores.
We set up the tent and have camped in it the past two nights.
We crashed a bunch of graduation parties. Turns out our little group of friends was the life of the party everywhere we went. Not just saying that, it was kind of really true. I think it was our excitement to see each other, which then spread to everyone else. I love being with these people. These people including Erin, Janessa, Jill, Frances, Taylor, etc. We're so joyful.

I got an interview at Guitar Center. It's set for Tuesday at 3, which means I passed the online screening already. Wahoo. I also applied at the Steamin' Bean (A local coffee shop), but they aren't hiring. However, they're going to let me hang up some art work, so that's really exciting. Otherwise, I'm just chillin with the pals this summer.

I've also started riding my bike everyday for a good work out. My iPod and I go to the track behind my house and ride, ride, ride. It's too hilly around here, so until I get a bike rack and can go to some trails, this will do. I think it's time I named her (my bike). It's a she for sure.

Tonight I'm going to the drive in.

Later this week I'm hosting a game night with le older friends.

It's amazing how my intolerance for 'boredom' is nearly non-existent. I enjoy doing nothing for long periods of time now.

So much has changed in one year.

I'm loving life right now.


charlotte ferguson said...


<3 miss you buddy.

Sara said...

I saw Star Trek in the drive-in the other day! So fun! I miss you so much, tootie. I love hearing about what you're doing. I feel like writing you a letter, but then again I feel like I haven't done enough stuff to warrant that. Hahaha. We shall see. Have fun this week, you!

sleepy fawn said...

haha I think many of the creatures I draw somehow end up looking like chihuahuas...maybe cause my parents have a strangely hilarious one at home.

I totally know what you mean about doing NOTHING-- it feels soooooo good. I hope you're getting those delicious snow cones on 7hw!